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Real life occupation and all that


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same. My next pc was 486dx and it was unbelievable fast for me :D


My next was the IBM 75MHz "Blue Lightning", which allowed me to run programs designed for the then-new 60 MHz Pentium processor, even though they said a 486-class CPU would not run them. I played Quake on that thing, at 8-12 FPS, but still... it ran ;)

System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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Well, late to the party as usual.


I appear to be the oldest in the bunch.


I'm retired after 35 years in computer software.


I began modding with Doom back in 1994. Just google "Cleimos" and I'll turn up. Worked on that one with my son, who's now in the film industry.


Was in TeamTNT for a while (Icarus, etc.), and was one of 4 people who worked on Boom, which was Doom 2 with all the id crap taken out. (Discussions of limits in TDM code brings back fond memories of eliminating every limitation id wrote into Doom 2. I see they haven't outgrown those bad habits.) I've done mapping, modeling, coding, scripting, blah blah blah.


I work on iPhone apps occasionally. One out, one in the works, more on the way.


And most importantly, I am a cancer survivor.


And I'm damn well going to stay one.

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grayman, I enjoyed your bio! 35 years in software, you must have seen it all! I also started modding in '94 with Doom, but I was just a college freshman, no clue about what was under the hood.

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Ahh! I hoped to see a thread like this smile.gif It's interesting to see the people behind the usernames...It seems that most of you guys are working with computers. Hehe, My name is Daniel and If you are planning a vacation in Sweden and have a barbeque party and burn yourself, well, then we may meet wink.gif I work as a nurse at one of the two intensive care units for burn victims in Sweden. I am quite young (27 years) and have only been in this business for 3 years, but only one year in the burn unit.


My interests are: Gaming, painting warhammerfigures and music. I used to play cello for lots of years but the interest has faded away since there is actually no space to play in my current appartment! When me and my girlfriend moves to a larger appartment I will take up this hobby again, and also give piano a try! I also fancy making up my own games, computer games, card games and I even work on a table top game, from time to time smile.gif But for most of the time, the projects slows down and the excitement cools off and the progress comes to halt sad.gif My ambition is to make at least ONE good FM for this mod!

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Sotha is a 28-year old chemist doing (trying to do) his Ph.D.


He does not posess any kind of significant musical talent as most here seems to do, unless drinking songs are counted. He's quite good drinking singer, at least in his own opinion. Other opinions are ignored.


His hobbies are boxing, floorball, roleplaying (GMing) and computers. Boxing and floorball are self-explanatory. RPG's involve plot-based (as opposed to hack'n'slash) GURPS and Paranoia. Computers involve linux enthusiasm and gaming. At present, Sotha plays Team Fortress 2 and is making a map for TDM.


-The mapper's best friend.

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I'm a 22 year old college student, majoring in Biology with a possible focus on Marine Biology. Live in Michigan.


I love mapping, always have, I started with Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and Warcraft 2 mapping and have been hooked ever since.


My hobbies include Mapping (duh), playing congas, gardening, reading, gaming, working on computers new and old- (I see I'm not the only here)I have a small computer museum in my basement. My oldest is a 286 and an Apple IIci. I collect old games and computer parts at thrift stores.






Gamers Outreach, a nonprofit that uses videogames to raise money for chairty.


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