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Wassup SE!


BAM, our website is okay for what it is, but we're in the process of making something a bit more attractive...something that suits the look of the mod a bit better than what we have now.


Work has already started on a rough draft and we have an outside source working on the internal aspects already, but if you wanna help with the art and design front Spring might have a place for you.


Do you have an example of any previous work we can check out?

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I don't so art. I only do site code. HTML, CSS and JavaScripts, although I like to avoid if at all possible since I also use the far superior PHP (and JS is not always cross-browser compatible, but PHP is). Oh, and of course mySQL.


You've seen thiefpetition.com. That's all my hand coding. I don't do art though, and the colours are just those of the forums (I thought they looked nice :) ). I chose JScripts for site wide stuff there because it was easy and quick. And now there is no need to change it to PHP as the editor is on it's way and the site doesn't need any further work.


I like this site. But the versions that whassisname did were pretty nice too. And I still cannot understand why you guys don't have thedarkmod.com. I'm also of the opinion that graphical links are bad, unless they are specially fudged to still work sans images/scripts.


Eg, on this site removing images borks the menu. If you want to read without viewing the screens and whatnot you are screwed. You can't get to the forums either. Why would you want to do it? Many reasons - slow connection, machine has images turned off by admins/parents/ebil forces, resolution issues, browser issues. The only sites that can have heavy graphical interfaces are those that are all about graphics as if you can't see the interface there is no point being there anyway. Not so this site.

I want your brain... to make his heart... beat faster.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's supposed to be in the works, but our webguy is quiet/busy currently.....

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SE, you still up for the task? I have a .jpg mock-up of what we'd like along with all the art. Our other web person is on hiatus at the moment and we'd like to get moving with this.

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