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I'm going to have a few "free" days after next week, just a few days before the deadline! I'm going to really try to finish my map, but it might be a few days late.


It's called "Swing", and it won't be everyone's cup of tea since it's more akin to a vertical platformer than a proper thiefy sneaking mission, but I know a few folks will enjoy it ;-)


(and yes, there will be at least one rope arrow)

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Okay I read through and tried to assemble the current list. If I've misread anyone, speak up.






Scratch me off the list. 12 hour days of farming 5 days a week has totally wiped me from this contest. I can barely find time to even read the forums anymore.


What little work I'm doing with TDM is trying to work on a smaller project, being water effects. I'm trying to squeeze together a single material shader with fresnel, heathaze, mirroring, diffuse + bump maps. Basically I'm going to try to converge heathaze and fresnel into a single .vfp file, and find some way to get it to work with mirrorRenderMap. It will be a great leap forward if I can pull it off. currently just experimenting with how the vfp's and mirrorRenderMap work individually to see if I can't fanagle the reason that mirrorRenderMap and heathaze don't work together (actually they will work together but not with a diffuse/bump map added in[?!?!]).


If I ever get it working, and quit farming (at latest october when the season ends) I'll probably try to finish my abandoned vert map, because I think the concept is good even outside of the contest format.

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Just a friendly reminder that the contest finishes in one week's time at midday (noon) on 19th August, 2010 UK time. Entrants should be in beta now in the next few days.


Anyone who hasn't already asked for an extension should ask now or in the next few days. Normally a few days or a week is OK but beyond that is unlikely without good reason. Of course, you can still release your FM later and even run the same poll to get feedback - it just won't count in the contest once the winner is announced!

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Will I still be able to enter my map into the vertical contest if it's a few days late? It doesn't really matter because I'll still release it no matter what. It's just I'm having to do a lot of over time at work this week, and by the time I get home I'll have little to no time to work on my map :(

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You never heard me say this but from a fan stand point (from this one at least) it's actually a good thing to have a few come in after the deadline... some well before, some before, some on the dot, some a little later, some a bit later than that.


You did hear this: Glad Fidcal has extended the extending AND glad you are still at it Winter despite the OT. :)

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well, I'm again at hopeless stage. Good thing that I didn't promise.:laugh:


I'll definitely finish this map but it won't be before deadline, even with extra time. Looking at positive perspective, it'll be a cool mission on level detail and enjoyment, so I want to put everyting into it that I've got. In short, I withdraw from the contest.

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I'll be withdrawing from the contest as well, because I'm enjoying this map building business (and asking countless questions, hehe) so much that I have decided to expand my concept and potentially even split it up into a 2-mission campaign with the full package. I project completion of the first mission within 45 days.

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OK, thanks Dragofer.


Just a reminder:


The contest ends TOMORROW at Midday UK TIME 19th August 2010.


All entries should be in by then unless you have asked for an extension. If you haven't already asked and don't think you will be finished in time then please post now. :)

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Can I get an extension for two, maybe three years? :D

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"Remember: If the game lets you do it, it's not cheating." -- Xarax

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