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Need another animator...?

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Hey fellas...


Would love to help out again soon, just want to get up to speed with any major changes in the animation department since I left in September 2009? Who's the main animator nowadays?


I seem to not have access to the developer forums any longer, so I decided to start out here :)


Congratulations on the releases, the DarkMod has proved itself to be real! I wonder, if anyone who said they would "refuse to use TDM" has gone back on their word??

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Who's the main animator nowadays?


I guess that would be me. We also have Amita contributing a few things here and there.


Our biggest need right now is setting up new animation rigs for other characters. Right now I'm having to animate everything using the proguard rig, and that makes things like female animations quite difficult.


Likewise, we also have some stocky characters (like the Builder forger) that need to be properly weighted (and may even need an adjustment to the skeleton).


Both of those are things I don't have the know-how to do.

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