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The Normal Map Models Thread

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So, at Renzatic's request, I'm going through and making models to match up with some of the textures we have - these models will then be used to generate normal maps. Technology is sexy.




Left: flat rectangle

Middle: Untextured model

Right: Textured model


Since I'm running Max R6, I haven't generated the normal map yet, but this is two minutes of work once I have my copy of 7 again.


More to come later.

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Good job for today. Do 2 more tomorrow and I'll spare the whip.


Oh yeah, don't be too afraid to make the surfaces a bit uneven in some instances. The tiles in particular would do good with some slight noise along the surface to make it look a bit rougher.

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Guess what came today?










Bam. Will put the .tga files on the ftp, I guess?


Edit: I didn't add any noise to it, so it's very smooth - but this is very fixable in photoshop. If you really want, I'll do it in 3D, but it's not necessary.


Double Edit: Nevermind. Roughed it up myself.

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well to be honest the window looks IMO better with the ps-generated normalmap.

your normalmap is much too clean - it doesn't look real anymore.

and BTW you have to invert the normalmap for D3 - means you need the exact opposite of your normalmap, but I guess you can adjust that in the normalmap generator.

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I checked out the window and find myself half and half on it. On one hand the depth it awesome, it actually looks like it's set inside the frame now, but on the other it's missing the roughness that makes it look like medieval glass.


Great job, but needs a little more before I'll say it's complete.

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THe fine detail can be retrieved through the normal map filter for photoshop, or the fine detail can be saved as an ordinary bump map and blended with the normal map in the shader.

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