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Assassin's Creed 2 is really good!


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I just had to get this off my system.


The first AC was so frustrating, because you could see that was a good idea there, it only lacked some sort of.. game.. along with it. It looks almost like a leaked prototype.


Now AC2 makes up for everything! it's a fun experience from beginning to end, even though I have some criticisms (when don't we, right?)


Highly recommended ;)

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Unfortunately, the DRM thats the game is infected with makes this a none starter for a lot of people, myself included.


I refuse to buy a game that requires a permanent internet connection and that is the game server go down I can unable to play the game - this goes for all UBIsoft games btw..


- http://arstechnica.c...details-drm.ars


So highly avoidable, that said there is now supposedly a working hack out there that bypasses all of UBI's nonsense...


- http://www.tweakguides.com/AC2_1.html

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Mmm... I played V1 on the xbox up to a point then got stuck and got totally frustrated trying to get past a section and had to replay the same thing every day for over a week until I dumped it. When a friend was over I got him to try and he got me past it and I saw my mistake (it was one of these scripted things and I was expecting to have to do something else.) Anyway, by then I had gone off the boil and never got round to playing it since. The freedom of Thief and Dark Mod has spoilt me for lesser games even if they have some great features.


I definitely absolutely positively would not play even a free game if I was locked into the internet so it would be the xbox or nothing if I ever got V2.

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I liked AC1, but definitely noticed its flaws... Now I'm in the middle of AC2, and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Very enjoyable story, gameplay... its also HUGE and long, with a much larger variety of things to do (or not do, if you want to skip the extras). My biggest complaint is that combat is just too easy. Eh, nobody's perfect.

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The menus in the first one pretty much stopped me dead.


I started playing and became so frustrated with the load/unload menu aimations takes long as hell and you have to hit 'end game' in 4 spots to get out of game. By the time I had a couple session in the game I was frustrated as hell by the stupid menus.


A year later I decide to start it up again (I really was looking foward to it at one point) and fell of the log walk/tower climb thing a few times and have to go all the way back... That was months ago...

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