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Darkmod: Inspiration thread


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[Dromed house]


At last! Thanks for sharing!


Nobody mentioned how the textures are poorly aligned and the brick texture scale is way too small. Like someone would really use that kind of tiny bricks. Hah! ;)


-The mapper's best friend.

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Some creepy pictures from a recent visit to the Crypt Gallery in London:



This bizarre thing made my heart skip a beat when it scrolled suddenly in front of me. What is it? Does it have a story?


It is awful in a "King in Yellow" -kind of way. You see it and it comes to haunt your dreams until you go insane and kill yourself (plus others).


-The mapper's best friend.

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This bizarre thing made my heart skip a beat when it scrolled suddenly in front of me. What is it? Does it have a story?


It is awful in a "King in Yellow" -kind of way. You see it and it comes to haunt your dreams until you go insane and kill yourself (plus others).

I don't remember there being a description for the creepy doll. I'm not sure if a description can do it justice TBH. One only needs to look at it to see that it truly is the stuff of nightmares.

"I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"


The Joker

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The old electric powerplant in Poprad. Nowadays used as a regional art gallery.


With a bit of a Gothic Revival tinge added to it, I think it could work well as a pattern for the more industrial-themed, red brick buildings in TDM.

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I dont know, but my guess is its because of the house purpose.. In galeries, they usually want specific lights and the sun is not good. For the paintings as well as for the viewers. It makes the paintings too reflective etc..

He was sneeking silently in the night, moonlight was his enemy.

(Im not a native speaker, sorry for all miscleanous caused by my english..)

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And you parked your cycle right in front of it? :D


I like the house and the lantern which we could easily transfer to TDM I guess. The fence is a bit difficult and I don't know which would work better, a texture or a 3d model. Nice shots! :)

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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  • 2 weeks later...

just reposting that from another thread as suggested...


I've stumbled on this PDF while looking for random infos:


it's a century old article about modification done at an old hotel. with plans and photos. the basement and ground floor are particularly interesting with service stairs, various utility rooms and store described, unfortunately descriptions are in french...


also, this hotel still exist nowaday :) :


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Since we're showcasing historical houses one could take inspiration from, Plas Mawr in the Welsh town of Conwy is as good a place as any if you want to get inspiration for 16th century interiors and furnishings. From the Elizabethan era, it now serves as a museum of period living and furniture.











Of all the interiors in the building, I especially love the period kitchen. B) A simple coating of straw on the floor (for insulation, cushioning and soaking up spills) and most of the ingredients are hanging on the walls or that harness above the table (to prevent rodents from getting to them). If someone could find a convincing straw-covered floor texture for TDM, I think he could build a kickass kitchen for some more rustic townhouse, farmhouse or less-solvent manor house. :)



Here are some videos of the building, including the interiors:


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Different kind of inspiration but I was looking at prison architecture early today. Ran into the Panopticon prison designs which struck me as oddly unique and inspiring. Obviously there are some more modern vibes in some of this stuff you'd crank back to fit an older theme, but it makes for an eerie theme overall. I think what makes the Panopticon feel so dreadful is the design in part to the center tower, watch station standing ominously in what would otherwise be an empty cylindrical chamber. I could see some kind of Thief:TMA kinda thing going on using a place like this...











Little bit of change of pace, but it's hard to believe there were such large undertakings like these just for prisoners. I feel like engineers just went into dreamland when constructing most the old prisons, and just went with some of the most expensive designs they could think of. Got to tour an older prison once leukemia hospital, turned insane asylum, turned prison that my Father worked at for twenty years. Wasn't as old as these but there's just something unsettling about the old prisons.

Modeler galore & co-authors literally everything



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Wales seems to be the gift that keeps on giving in terms of interesting architecture that could fit TDM...

Castell Coch ("Red Castle")










(A link to an 1874 plan of the place - the original medieval castle's ruins are in the lower part of the picture, the 19th century redesign is in the upper part.)

"But Petike...", some of you will no doubt say, "That's a Gothic Revival castle. The only medieval bit of it are parts of the foundations, as the original castle fell into ruin centuries before the post-1850s reconstruction..."

That's indeed true. But given TDM's semi-industrial atmosphere, this castle has some odd 19th century architectural elements that blend in quite seamlessly with the otherwise medieval or early modern looking exterior. Here's a cool example:


Just look at those glorious chimneys ! B) If that doesn't given the whole place a "techno-pseudo-Gothic" vibe, nothing does. Even their placement at different part of the keep's roof makes the whole sight look somewhat otherworldly, compared to what you usually imagine when it comes to castles and their medieval chimneys.

The castle overall is fairly generic, but I like the occassional blending of eras that comes with some of these details.

Interior-wise, I'm not sure how much of it could be usable as esthetic inspiration for mission building. Of the photos I've seen, most rooms are a bit too modern and cozy looking to base missions on (IMHO), but the banquet hall is a bit more sober and unadorned in its overall style and furnishings:





More photos and images can be found here.

A 3D tour of Castell Coch:


Finally, a short vid:

Edited by Petike the Taffer
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Looks just like a church I made in Minecraft.

There's something about scenic hilltops that begs for small churches to be built on them.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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