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Very cool rebuild of an old WW1 concrete factory.



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A video I've wanted to share for a while now, as it could provide good architectural inspiration for mappers.



This guy created a highly detailed 3D model of a realistically built fictional castle. In the video, he goes through all the different structural and architectural details of the large castle, explaining in depth how they were designed with defensive purposes and sturdiness in mind. He also explains how the design evolved and became more refined over time, and how he wanted to incorporate the perfect mix of logical construction and authentic design methods used in historical architecture.


Beware, the video is quite long, 45 minutes ! But well worth a mapper's free time on a more boring evening. :) I've watched the whole thing and I can't complain. This is a castle design with such obsessive, simulationist logic put into it, that even Looking Glass Studios would probably shed a tear over what a beautiful level it could make. B)

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My father is a carpenter since a few decades. I had helped him with his work since early childhood, we've made a lot of constructions and furniture in our workshop. I started taking shots of the stuff about two years ago, so I'll post them here. They're mixed quality, but someone may find them useful one day (warning, large size photos!).





























































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Thanks! I wish I had a phone that I could take photos with much earlier, because we've made some large scale constructions and other cool things as well several years before.


Now that I think about it, I may one day take photos of our workshop. The place is old and cluttered, there's a lot of machinery and tools scattered around. It could be useful as a reference for craftsmen oriented missions. It's not a "truly modern" workshop, and we still have some pretty old equipment,

'What do I care for your suffering?'

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A nice set of drawings of old London:



"old cramped streets" is a good search term



A few questions, which may require speculation to answer:

These images all have show thick wooden beams:





Would they be structural? I can imagine in the last two images those beams being used to brace the walls. In the first image I can imagine clothes lines, but those beams are much too thick for that purpose.


It's nice to provide climbing opportunities, but it's also satisfying to know that those things are perfectly valid, and not just for gameplay.

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I guess its because buildings aren't very stable, crooks due to own weight and bad ground(like marshes, mud). The bars are suppose to take some weight and keep the building straight, otherwise will end as:

Also a lot of churches used to similar technology to keep building straight and not fall down because of own heaviness https://www.wpclipart.com/buildings/church/gothic_church.png - the fancy pillars-leg are bars but version with huge budget to praise The Builder. Although with time a better technology was invented to keep buildings in place without using extra area around to hold it.

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Would they be structural? I can imagine in the last two images those beams being used to brace the walls. In the first image I can imagine clothes lines, but those beams are much too thick for that purpose.


It's nice to provide climbing opportunities, but it's also satisfying to know that those things are perfectly valid, and not just for gameplay.

I always wondered about that myself when playing thief 4. It uses a lot of such beams, and I was almost sure they were only added for gameplay purposes, as I can't recall having seen something like this in reality ever. What I didn't quiet get from the text accompanying the images is whether those drawings were made back in that specific time period and show how it really looked like, or whether they are (semi-)fictional, made today and loosely based on historical knowledge.

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It's an interesting deep-well research question on google. There's quite a bit of material online that dances around the issue, talking about timber plank framing, how the planks are made and fitted, how slots are put in the stonework to hold them, how they're used for roofs, without quite pinning down their external use that I could find.

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