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Thanx again, I must apologize for not looking into it. My new server here was more difficult to install than I imagine (now I know why I choose Ubuntu over Debian, its not 2 years behind the curve and much more user-friendly but I digres :D.


Will look into it tonight, when I have an evening off.


work not completed. so not urgent. :)




Edit: URL does not work, tried a few variations but comes up with 404.


forum engine insert space between "." and "zip"?




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Give them time, actually they´re all busy atm...


Hey, currently I have here two unreleased (but soon to be released) German translations of TDM-missions, so I could test this with them. I don´t need lot of skill to use these right?


Do you need my eMail or is there a download-page somewhere?

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Chiron: I'm glad to read that :).


LEGION: Just look at the first post of this thread - there you will find the URL.


Erm, it says temp. unavailable. I am not sure I already got the latest version. Can you please PM me the URL?

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35 minutes ago, freyk said:

Thanks, but it does not shed any more light on possible implementation (short of hardcoding every text bit into script and delay)

And the doom3CC mod links are all dead except the .dll link. I'm interested in the source code

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You can ask the author of doomcc from his personal site or moddb account.
There are files on his moddb page, but it doesnt contain the sourcecode of the dll's.
Or you can look at D3 message system and its popups from dhewm sourcecode.
You can help stumpy with his project.

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