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We've had threads about the best movies and games, so let's talk music now, shall we?   I am always on the hunt for creative and innovative music and I thought this community is of such high intellect

80s Horror like music:   http://youtu.be/qYvqDqoYXMY   I can almost see the zombies slowly walking on the streets filled with fog and lit by purple and pink light sources.

I've always loved this song too. The best part starts at 1:41.

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You're welcome. I have a small Parov Stelar Playlist setup in my youtube channel.

. I made the playlist when I hadn't bought his discography yet... :)


But I was originally going to post something completely different and I absolutely cannot believe I haven't posted this song all this time. I have had that song since over a decade now and I am still listening to it at least once every two months. You can tell it's age from the quality of the synthetic sounds, but as far as the composition is concerned, I believe it is a masterpiece when measured against other electronic music. Like all songs by Infected Mushrom, this song takes it's time to fully evolve, so be pacient! ;)


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I'm waiting the next album from "Echolyn", i'm a big fan of "As The world", IMHO one of the best album of the 90'.


I'm a nostalgic progressive amateur (my favourite band o all the time are "Yes"), but for "modern prog", i like Echolyn, like said, and also Sean Malone and Cynic.










And some retro that i like:



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Hey, STiFU! Ever listen to Caravan Palace? That was my first Electroswing encounter ever! It's super awesome! :)

Woopsie, totally missed that post. Yeah Caravan Palace is sweet. I got lots of CP songs. This song by a different artist is pretty neat as well.


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I found them nice too but they got boring very fast in my matter of taste, because song structures are so similiar often :(

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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I just recently renamed the thread in order to communicate what kind of music is wanted here and I do think that the thread title fits to most songs in this thread.


But if you want to share a song, feel free to do so. :) Just maybe consider staying clear of mainstream, as it is pretty cheap most of the time... ;) There are exceptions of course. For example, the song "Iron" by Woodkid I posted earlier apparently was in the US Charts as well, which is really amazing I think considering how unusual that song sounds.

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Not really in the same wave as most of the stuff here, and sometimes not even that recent, but I was browsing some of my favourite bands while working and thought, why not, maybe this will be new for someone out there:





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