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We've had threads about the best movies and games, so let's talk music now, shall we?   I am always on the hunt for creative and innovative music and I thought this community is of such high intellect

I just learned that Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers died from COVID-19. His keyboard playing was a signature sound of the group and made them stand out from all the punk bands of the era.

I've always loved this song too. The best part starts at 1:41.

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You're welcome. I have a small Parov Stelar Playlist setup in my youtube channel.

. I made the playlist when I hadn't bought his discography yet... :)


But I was originally going to post something completely different and I absolutely cannot believe I haven't posted this song all this time. I have had that song since over a decade now and I am still listening to it at least once every two months. You can tell it's age from the quality of the synthetic sounds, but as far as the composition is concerned, I believe it is a masterpiece when measured against other electronic music. Like all songs by Infected Mushrom, this song takes it's time to fully evolve, so be pacient! ;)


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I'm waiting the next album from "Echolyn", i'm a big fan of "As The world", IMHO one of the best album of the 90'.


I'm a nostalgic progressive amateur (my favourite band o all the time are "Yes"), but for "modern prog", i like Echolyn, like said, and also Sean Malone and Cynic.










And some retro that i like:



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Hey, STiFU! Ever listen to Caravan Palace? That was my first Electroswing encounter ever! It's super awesome! :)

Woopsie, totally missed that post. Yeah Caravan Palace is sweet. I got lots of CP songs. This song by a different artist is pretty neat as well.


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I found them nice too but they got boring very fast in my matter of taste, because song structures are so similiar often :(

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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I just recently renamed the thread in order to communicate what kind of music is wanted here and I do think that the thread title fits to most songs in this thread.


But if you want to share a song, feel free to do so. :) Just maybe consider staying clear of mainstream, as it is pretty cheap most of the time... ;) There are exceptions of course. For example, the song "Iron" by Woodkid I posted earlier apparently was in the US Charts as well, which is really amazing I think considering how unusual that song sounds.

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Not really in the same wave as most of the stuff here, and sometimes not even that recent, but I was browsing some of my favourite bands while working and thought, why not, maybe this will be new for someone out there:





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