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the only thing ive done was to go into my nvidia consloe trying to solve the problem the game run way to fast even though i force the refresh rate 60 but still the same problem for thief 2


What i dont understand that last week it work and now it does not.


I think you've answered your own question there. Whatever you did in nVidia console completely broke your OpenGL setup. The output from Doom 3 indicates that it cannot find even basic OpenGL capabilities that should be present on almost all modern hardware.


Regarding your T2 issues, I suggested asking on a Thief-related forum such as TTLG.

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Hey Guy's I was trying to tune up the video card when TDM was not working. I went to various tread to solve the problem. In TDM when i press walk then I stop working it continues. This also happens in Thief gold and Thief 2 metal Age. I never had this problem when i had Win XP. But6 I havve WIn 7 all hell broke loose. I click on the antaliasing and also the vertical sync. But it seems to be worse.

thank all of you's for your help.

Silent Warrior





Something must have happened to disable his opengl functions though. Really weird situation. I've never heard of TDM running too fast before either.

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I am not sure SilentWarrior, this sounds like input lag almost. I'm glad you got your driver issue sorted out, but I've never experienced this issue before with TDM. I'm currently running a quad core CPU and 2 Nvidia graphics cards in SLi and I have no issues in TDM/Doom3.


Does this issue happen in all games? Just OpenGL games (Quake3, Doom3, Prey etc)? DirectX 9/10/11 games as well? If you open the console in TDM and type "com_drawfps 1" what is your FPS like?

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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something else to note, the gfx card he is running is a oem specific unti. SW what version of the nVidia driver are you running? And when you upodated, where did you get the driver from? from the website for the computer (dell etc) or from the nvidia website.

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