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Or caltrops. Instead of crunch crunch you'd hear Ouch ouch. lol


Yes, but those are outright aggressive and would/should spoil ghosting possibilities.

Some "dirt" on the ground that crackles when an AI is walking over it should cause no alert, has the same warning capability and is easier to design in the game (no need to animate guards to hop around with sharp things in their feet and cursing).


Maybe only need to copy moss and give the material a noise. If I remember I'll try it. Of course, it can backfire if you need to go that way yourself.


Not necessarily. The affected ground spot does not need to be huge; the thief should know where he placed it and can walk next to or hop over it. It's main application would be carpeted ground anyway, so jumping over the crunchy sound spot should be possible to do in complete silence.



On a second thought:

Moss arrow reversal may limit weapon carrying space, I mean numbers 1 to 0 are already used up for arrows and stuff, aren't they ?

Better may be an inventory item like a bag of a crackling substance (like rice hulls or such) that could have a couple of uses - just stack them or make a backcounter on it.

It could be strewn in front of the thief by using it.

And, because I imagine its main purpose in surprise "securing" carpets it should be cheap and have a lot of uses until it is used up - one may need it a lot if one wants to ironman a mansion with many guards, rooms and pickable locks.

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The guards don't alert or only very low mutters. They don't care much if there is some dirt on the carpet. The player is searching inside a brightly lit room. He wants time to reach a dark corner and not be taken by surprise by a randomly-pathing guard entering.

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Are AI footsteps that quiet on carpet? I don't recall having any problems hearing them coming.

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  • 7 months later...

Idea for new equipment: alchemical sprays, kind of "bee smoker", plus gas mask (with special goggles).

Of course there are lot of magic in this, but it can be modified to "little" more reasonable chemical reactions.

Anyone of three basic sprays will act like any stackable items (i.e. potions) but you will have in hand only one spray pistol with consumable ammunition.


Two ingredient alchemy, based on three sprays:


oil spray =

make any surface slippery,

make tear gas clouds while flying through air,

when used on water, make its surface solid (frozen),

equivalent of flash bomb when launched into fire.


compressed air =

make horn sound when used in air (scare any kind of animals, but attract humans),

equivalent of air breath potion when used underwater,

can extinguish fire.


graphite dust =

make smoke cloud when used in air,

affect electrical devices,

explosive in touch of fire,

when used on water, create small pool of healing/holy water.


1st tier mixtures:


oil spray + compressed air =

frost (objects glued to ground, blocked doors, freeze AI, make objects more fragile).


graphite dust + compressed air =

mirage cloud (player camera change to flying eye mode and can be guided by movement keys) when player leave flying eye mode, mirage cloud lasts in that place and attract animals (maybe even by scent, "graphite" ingredient is only suggestion).


oil spray + graphite dust =

acidic stain capable to damage objects and AI, flammable.


2nd tier mixtures:


frost + graphite dust =

will'o'wisp (fly randomly, can posses unconscious AI and then become more hostile).

frost + oil = stronger, long lasting frost.

frost + air = more frost.


mirage cloud + oil spray =

dense vapour, slowing movement of any object flying through it (like slow volume in Unreal Tournament 3). Equivalent of slow fall potion.

mirage cloud + air = mirage cloud fly mode.

mirage cloud + graphite = make it scare animals.


acidic stain + compressed air =

animated acid slime (like AD&D slimes), moving randomly like rat, but can "eat" objects (maybe it even grow up with every meal).

acidic stain + oil = bigger stain.

acidic stain + graphite = stronger acid and long lasting flame.


3rd tier mixtures:


will'o'wisp + oil = make new one.

will'o'wisp + air = make it friendly.

will'o'wisp + graphite = kill it.


dense vapour + oil = enlarge it.

dense vapour + air = move it.

dense vapour + graphite = destroy it.


animated acid slime + oil = make new one.

animated acid slime + air = make it friendly.

animated acid slime + graphite = kill it.



Do you think it could be done, or is it too complicated? Or you don't want magic in hands of thief?


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I dunno.. It probably would be quite unwise to make such things into standard TDM items. They would have unpredictable (or even highly negative) impact on general gameplay. I suspect (without any real knowledge) that those would need some serious coding to get 'em working, too.


Now, if some individual FMA willing to see a lots of trouble to create some alchemical macgyverism, for their own missions, why not. With advanced scripting skills some of the things mentioned could maybe even be done.


-The mapper's best friend.

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I dunno.. It probably would be quite unwise to make such things into standard TDM items. They would have unpredictable (or even highly negative) impact on general gameplay. I suspect (without any real knowledge) that those would need some serious coding to get 'em working, too.


Not only that, but the majority of that stuff sounds more fantasy RPG'ish than TDM. FM authors are free to experiment with such things, but I don't see much on that list that the team would implement.

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All I want to see are oil flasks. :\


I agree, but only if we can get the benny hill theme added as the resulting sound effect of AI stepping in the oil. TDM is entirely too serious, and needs some lightening up with slips, slides, and silly music.



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All I want to see are oil flasks. :\


Well, it probably wouldn't be too difficult for an FM author to reskin an existing flask...be it holy water, health potion, etc...and turn it into an oil flask. What comes into question is what that flask does. If we're talking about Deadly Shadows guards slipping and sliding around like a slap stick comedy, nothing like that would be implemented by the core team...that's not the type of tone we want to set in TDM. Using them to create an area that could be used to set fires would work within the tone of TDM, but again...might not be something we will add to the core weapons / tools.


Again, FM authors are free to create such tools for their own FM's and in turn share those tools with other authors. If we saw a great enough demand across dozens of missions...we may then consider folding it into the core mode.

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