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Recording in the TDM Setting


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What would be an appropriate way of presenting recorded messages in this world?


In Thief II, we had the gramaphones (Karras's messages).


TDM has a gramaphone, but I'm wondering if a smaller, portable device is appropriate.



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A midget? :D


As in "Dear Sophie! Lord Whatshisname sent me another midget yesterday. Can't stand the tone of it, he shouldn't import these foreign ones, they are cheap, yes, but the voice! Personally, I am using only French females. If one has to deliver a message, at least do it in style. ..." :D

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could always go the magic route - small stone box with a gem encrusted interior that magically captures voice or something like that. But tech speaking, i don't even like the Victrola's, far too modern for my tastes, so I would definitely be against anything more modern or compact than that

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Or a kind of crystal ball or water well with a hazy ghost image inside relaying the message.

I think that's how a lot of fantasy movies & shows do it.

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what about phonographic cylinders, lot more primitive than a gramophone, but more versatile cause you can make your own.


and as for sending them you could use pneumatic tubes, as the invention has been around since 1st century AD, apart from the canisters being invented in the 19th century, but in a steampunk world these devices would have been invented earlier, you could send them via presurised steam, or slight problem with the wax cylinders melting.

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I think the box is the simplest solution - the player is "trained" to investigate such objects - and when he realises they are a way of moving the plot forward it will become natural to seek them out within the FM.

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