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Always run disables creep?


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Has anyone else noticed this or was that intentional? My standard thief configuration was to have always run on, with shift as creep and ctrl as crouch. I can set all these keys up, but when always run is turned on, creep doesn't do anything.


I just finished school and am getting back into TDM and decided to play a few FM's to get ready to take another shot at mapping. The mod really turned out wonderfully. I doubt the mission has anything to do with the "problem", but I noticed it on the training mission and No Honor Among Thieves.


Its not a big deal as I've almost gotten used to shift as run and ctrl as creep and x as crouch, but I figured I would ask anyways.

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i used a similar setup for thief, auto-run on, hold LMB = walk, hold MMB = creep (iirc). Always seemed to me that bindings for the speed your character moves at takes precedence over all other bindings, and should be the most accessible. Flexibility with auto-run on/off and other bindings should play a crucial role to the quality of gameplay. Seems like it should be easy enough for devs, but somehow if i held LMB to walk, using 4 on the numpad to strafe left would not strafe while walking, or some such nonsense.


TDM bindings i keep auto-run off, hold LMB = run, hold MMB = creep. It can get a little tedious trying not to scroll the mousewheel while creeping, as disastrous results can occur by accidently equipping a sword or moss arrows, but for the most part it works fairly well, and i've not encountered any weird binding bugs while running/creeping in TDM with auto-run set to off.

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It is possible to toggle always run so that likely is a way to fix this.




It is possible to have multiple changes (separated by ; I think) so should be possible to add creep to the above so it toggles always run 'out' and also toggles in creep - probably bind to creep. I'm out of time to try it out at the moment but that gives you a start point or someone might figure it out.

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i've always found (just personally) that toggles are ugly, and require more brain memory, and less muscle memory when trying to multi-task operations in a time-sensitive sequence of necessary actions. (i prefer brain power to be left to split-second strategic/tactical decisions like "run away" or "move to the other side of the corridor with more shadows and exit routes", rather than "wait, was i running or walking?" *toggle-test toggle-test*).


if it would be possible to hold down a key that would both disable auto-run and enable creep, and then re-enable auto-run and disable creep upon letting go of the button, that would be pretty cool.

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Apparently D3 does not have the capability to created momentary button scripts rather than toggle script anymore. In half-life for instance you could do all sorts of funky stuff with scripts. It's also not possible to link the existing momentary scripts like the speed modifiers "_speed" and "_button5" with other functionality in one button-bind. So this would need code support I guess.

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