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I think my motherboard is a liar!


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I put together a P4 3 GHz system today from spare parts. The thing runs just fine, but the BIOS says the CPU is idling at between 60 and 70 C! How can this possibly be true? I shut the thing off and let it rest for TWENTY minutes, and it still started at 60 when I turned it on and checked BIOS. I unhooked it and put my hand on the CPU heat sink after running it and it was not too hot. If it is truly running at such a high temp, shouldn't I get burned, or shouldn't I at least not be able to hold my hand there? I felt as close to the CPU on the heat sink as I could and it still was not uncomfortable.


I used some cheap thermal compound from Radio Shack and the stock cooler that matches the motherboard. The CPU fan spins at about 2500 RPM. I'm going to let this thing cool for about an hour or so and if it starts at 60 C again I'm just going to ignore it. The machine runs with no stability problems.


Any other ideas?

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60c is not great, but not outside of normal range. I'd get worried if the CPU was reaching 80c+. Most systems automatically power off when the CPU gets too hot nowadays. My desktop system just started doing exactly that last night. It powered off within a minute of booting up, twice in a row. I went into the BIOS and the temp reported for the CPU was 87c and the CPU fan was running at about 350 RPM ohmy.gif (Thermaltake heatsinks are good, but their fans suck and don't last long). I was about to blame it on Duke Nukem, until I saw that fan speed wink.gif, LOL. Luckily, I had a new stock CPU cooler lying around... stole the fan from that and it is running 3000+ RPM and keeping the CPU at 44c while in BIOS setup. I plan on finding a nice fast Sunon fan to fit the heatsink, which I believe is designed for a 90mm fan.

System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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