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Forums upgraded to the latest (and greatest) IPB Board version!

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Just stop posting, leave, don't come back why is that so hard? The design will be changed later on, the performance will increase over time as already stated in several posts. Go away troll you are no

Awesome! Congrats! Also, this should mean that IPS can get back to work on their Android app now

Thank you for updating (and hosting) the forums for this community.

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A couple of adjustments have been made to the forum style, so people might need to hit F5 to get the changes in their browser (for each page type - forum index, thread overview, the thread view itself).


Good improvements!


Much better now.


Thanks! :-D

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I notice one weird thing.


If I read a message, then hit 'view new content' I get a list of new forum members or 'no new content' message if there hasn't been any new sign-ups. Hit it again and i am back to new forum posts.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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