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Fan Mission:Dragon's Claw by b1k3rdude (31/10/2011) updated


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I just came across some doorways that show the black background void area (I'm too newbie to know the technical term :blush: ) from either side. I'll post screenshots, but I need someone to teach me how first. Also...

Are there supposed to be ghosts who flee in terror from me!?


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Bikerdude, do you plan (and have time / energy / inspiration) to update this mission to TDM 2.01 / 2.02 some time in the not too distant future? Does it have to be updated at all? Or is it just missing from the downloadable missions list?

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How about updating for 2.04

It's not that easy.


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Dragon's Claw in TDM 2.06:


I was under the impression that this mission was not 2.0 compliant so I decided to take a look

at the mess when installed in 2.06.


To my surprise, all textures appear to render, AI are navigating, Objectives complete, etc.


This appears to be a fully functional mission?


I guess the only thing holding this back from the mission repo are "quality concerns"?


The biggest gripe about this mission back pre-2.0 days was performance. Now in 2.06

I'm getting over 100FPS almost everywhere. (Thank goodness for engine improvements.)


I understand some of the other complaints about unclear directions, hard to find loot, etc

but I don't think this is in as bad of shape as before, especially since "TDM itself" seems

to be more stable in relation to what's in this mission.


(For example: card players were notorious for causing lockups all the way up until 2.04 where

Behind Closed Doors almost atrophied due to lockups caused by them.)


Pretty nice.



Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I'm playing the version posted by kingsal above, on Hard.  I can't make the loot total. 

In the plague quarter, there's a


golden lion statuette in a gully between two roofs

which I can get close to, but cannot frob. 

There's also talk in this thread about loot in


the canal area

but I can't access that part of the map. There's an unfrobbable iron gate to the east of the Market Place, and I haven't found another way through.

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  • Springheel changed the title to Fan Mission:Dragon's Claw by b1k3rdude (31/10/2011) updated

I just played this and loved the spooky atmosphere, a map well made for Halloween! That is I found some minor issues that could be fixed. Like the others I had problems to get the golden lion on the roof because it's rather difficult to crouch out of the window. This could be made easier. Also I found a missing texture at the top of the broken spiral staircase and once you jump there and from there to the top floor, you can see some kind of skybox clipping when looking out. And there were some badly scaled textures on protruding bricks in the sewers. Last not least a problem that might be a TDM issue itself: the volumetric fog used here and in other missions looks very bright but it should be dark. Can this be fixed?

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Great visuals, great mood. However,  I did not find enough loot (lowest difficulty level) to finish the mission.  :(

I've added this to my FSL (=Favourite Spots List):



Good job and thank you for the update as otherwise I probably never would have noticed this mission.




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On 11/1/2011 at 12:53 AM, Bikerdude said:

Hello everyone, Bikerdude's made significant updates to this mission and it's now fully playable in 2.08.  Available in the in-game downloader or Download here!

We'll update the OP to reflect this. Thanks!


“I usually welcome the shadows, a place of refuge for a master thief like me. However, there are dark places that even I fear. That place being the plague ward at the edge of town. Rumour has it that it was cursed by a pagan witch and its inhabitants died from an incurable plague..." 

Build Time:  

Update Build Time:  

  • Original version - 3-4 weeks. 
  •  Updated version - 2 days 


  • Flanders - Prebuilt maps and textures  
  • Readables – SirTaffsalot. 
  • FeildMedic - ghost begger (which I fixed and updated). 
  • Springheel - jack-o-lantern (gotta have them) 

Special thanks to my beta testers: Flanders, SirTaffsAlot, nbhormore, Pranqster, RPGista, Thor, Xarg, Glyph Seeker, Amadeus, Garret42 & Bluerat. 

This is old news by now, but certainly very good news. :)

I have taken the liberty to finally add Dragon's Claw to our wiki database, (along with some of the latest missions from the last 12 months): 

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I just finished this mission. Very moody mission, I liked it.


Especially the cathedral was very well done, the city part as well. As has been mentioned, the city maybe felt a bit empty, I would have liked some more places to break in, but, that's obviously due to the development time of the mission.

I had some issues getting all the loot on expert difficulty. Some of it also was very hard to find (the coins on the bottom of the cistern, for example...). Had to tdm_show_loot to get the required amount. Especially in a mission like this where you hardly can turn on your lantern, the loot should be a bit more straight forward.

The visuals were pretty nice for such an old mission, especially the city part. The difficulty was right for me, I didn't have major issues.

I didn't know what to do with the Dewdrop puppet. I almost expected you could get to the hut of the pagan witch somewhere (that would have been a nice twist! :)). Maybe I missed something.


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Cool mission; a lot better than I remember from the first time I played it years ago. I think I got put off by the empty streets and weirdo thief pointlessly guarding a sewer. I had a lot of fun this time round. The plague ruin section reminded me a lot of Haunted Cathedral in T2 and the haunted hospital in T2X.

Not sure I needed 30 noise arrows in my loadout though!

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