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Well, I'm finally back in a position where I think I can help! My work situation changed and I'm no longer stuck on 60 hour stressful weeks. New job, new company, new hours, new found free-time!


I'm out of practice with cpp, but I've been in the C# world for the past 4+ years, and know C really well as well, I'm sure I can lend a hand on crunching some outstanding bugs. I don't plan to do primary development tasks until I've cut my teeth on bugs for TDM, but I know I for one want to see some velocity back into TDM.


Some things I think I can tackle.


"Sleepers can become alert while asleep"

"AI react too fast to missing objects"

"Minimum reaction time for searching alert"

"Add wind/current to the location system"


I would need a mentor for the first bit, mostly to point me into the right directions and show me the dark mod's ropes, but I assume I could move into a larger role once I'm familiar with the overall design.

I'm in yur forumz,

Makin' them frobbable.

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Hey there,


Sorry about the late reply. We're a really tiny team as is - while a few of us work on the code, it's by and large something that's driven personally - while we might be able to answer questions, there's very little in the way of what can actually be mentored at this time.


I'd suggest rather than starting directly with the generic code, starting out with making a simple map, follow the tutorial, play around a little bit and try to get a mental model of how things stick together. Working directly with the code is important, but understanding the underlying structures is paramount to fixing things correctly :).


If you have already done all of that, or have prior experience - then I'm sure we can get you some access and see what happens, however to get svn access and the forum access, you'll need to speak to greebo. The bugs that you have suggested all sound reasonable, grayman works on the AI stuff, so we do have someone that can answer questions.

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HI there,


I'd also like to add that the bugs you picked are probably not good beginner's choices. The AI is pretty good covered by grayman, but we have many other areas that are lacking. I can give you some mentoring (in tha I answer questions) and also provide you some feedback on what would be a good bug to pick to start with.


As serpentine said, greebo is the one who can give you SVN access. Setting all that up and getting the code compiled would be your first step.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)


"Remember: If the game lets you do it, it's not cheating." -- Xarax

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Sounds like a good place to start, one of my girlfriends is visiting and has taken an interest in game design, futzing about with Dark Radiant might be fun. I hope things haven't changed too much in the past decade of world design since the last time I did anything was counter strike mapping :-P

I'm in yur forumz,

Makin' them frobbable.

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