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Fan Mission: Rightful Property - by jysk (2012/04/13)


Poll: Rightful Property  

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  1. 1. Gameplay: Enjoyment. Fun duration. Smooth flow, ect. Versus Bugs. Frustration, Boredom, framelag

  2. 2. Appearance: Vertical use, Visual pleasure, lighting, visual style, deduct bad texturing etc.

  3. 3. Story & Text: Story. Text. Briefing. Graphic storytelling

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Yeah I figured there would be an updated version, I downloaded the version that came out right after you released it and have only just had time to play them, and haven't been looking in the threads for the contest FM's to avoid spoilers. I'll grab the 1.1 and give that another playthrough, hopefully I can get my votes deleted and re-vote the map properly.

Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2600K @ 3.4ghz stock clocks
8gb Kingston 1600mhz CL8 XMP RAM stock frequency
Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB FLeX GHz Edition @ stock @ 1920x1080

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Finished this tonight. It has a great story that drew me right in.

Heartbreaker about the poor girl and her sad parents

I upgraded my computer and didn't have disernable framerate issues. I did think the ambient lighting issue was odd, but from reading this thread it appears this was not a design decision, and that it has now been improved. I think the non-linearity is very good. The multitude of patrols made for some very challenging moments, but there always seemed to be a place to hide and plan.

I missed the spider lair the first time around, and let me say, you know how to build a sense of dread. That "bang" when the spider drops put an extra load of adrenaline on my heart, heh

I also enjoyed climbing up on the wall near the beginning and knocking out the bowman. :) Excellent work!

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Very nice mission, lots more gameplay than I was expecting. I got around the framerate issues by knocking out all the AI in the streets :-) The bank was really well done although a bit small, very tense gameplay, especially getting into the vault. Well done and congrats!

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Thank to the latest posters. ;)


Btw can the admins of the page update the p4k file to the most recent one from the rapidshare link (the various mirros on the mainpage have an outdated version)? There was just a number of small updates i made over the month back then (by suggestions from this thread), but it would be nice if it is the most recent version would be linked. :). The same goes for the ingame downloader. Sorry for the circumstances this way. x:

Edited by jysk
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Am I correct to presume the 1.1b version is the latest then?


My dropbox link is mirroring that one.


I think if I rename the file to the original pk4 name, it will push the change to the mirrors.

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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During the last updates i did not rename the pk4 file. Its just some iteration of the 1.1.b file (during which i included all the suggestions and error fixes of the forum posts) the newest *.map file is from 9 may, as noted in the entrance post. x:


Btw. its not a big deal its just some very minor bug fixing etc. ;)


If the map file is from 9 May its the most recent one.

Edited by jysk
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I don't want to read any spoilers, but I've run into what seems like a significant bug.


I've snuck around behind the inn where the

drunk guard is.  There is a locked door and two horizontal cellar doors.  The locked door does not light up at all when I try to frob it.  The two cellar doors DO light up,

but when I try to frob them, nothing happens.


Are these doors supposed to be usable? Is this a known problem?

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The two flat cellar doors are locked. You have to pick them.


Are you playing with 1.08? We had a discussion a couple weeks ago about those doors being black in 1.08 (not black in 1.07) because their face is flush with their visportal. This was fixed in SVN since the discussion.


I just tried it and the doors are displayed properly, but their sound is now gone. It's next to impossible to pick them w/o hearing any feedback. I don't remember the sound not being there in 1.07.


I had a problem with a door like this in my WIP. The "I'm locked" sound and the lockpicking sound could only be heard on one side of the door, which had its visportal running right down the center of it. I solved the problem by adding handles to the door. The presence of a handle on the side of the door that had previously been silent allowed the sounds to be heard on that side.



Sounds (!!) like we have a new 1.08 bug.

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Ah, ok...I saw the lockpicks flash green but since I didn't hear anything I didn't think the lockpicking was actually working (I am playing with 1.08).

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Just finished this. Overall I quite enjoyed it. It felt very old-school to me. I had the feeling of having to fight for every hallway, every glimpse around a new corner, that I remember from T1 and T2.





Lots of varied environments (city, bank, warehouse, mansion, sewers, docks...) and lots of varied AI.

Challenging gameplay that really forced me to scout and plan.

Lots to see and do...it took me four nights to finish it.

The spider surprise was great.




I must have gotten an older version, because I still had the ambient light changes, unfrobbable arrow, etc.

The patrols were pretty robotic, which was ok (oldschool again) although some of them didn't make much sense, like the guard in the bank barracks that just walked in a tight circle in and out of the bedroom.

Loot totals seemed high. I played on Hard and was 150 short. I thought I'd find more loot in the warehouse and when I didn't I didn't have the heart to work my way back into town.

Some sounds seemed to cut off really sharply...the waves of the ocean stopped between one step and the next, and some machine sounds did as well.

Not much variety in AI heads or voices...oddly, I rarely heard idle barks in this mission.

The city map confused me at first because I had no idea where the player start was.



The framerates for me were low but it was still playable. Somehow I missed the part about the girl that everyone is talking about. The hints about what was in the warehouse was great, although I thought it was going to be zombies or something. I was totally ready for something to come out of the crate that was frobbable...was a bit disappointed when it was empty.




Overall I quite enjoyed this. I voted Excellent, Good and Good, and I really hope you'll make another mission...this definitely ranks up there as one of the best first efforts I can think of.

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Thanks, mb i will make another mission when I have time. :)




Yes the barrack guard was a bit off I guess. ^^


What did you miss with the girl? Her story how she became missing is explained in the house of her parents. Its the western one of the two houses which are directly on the market place. The girl has been dragged away by the spider into the sewers. There are some bones and a doll down there to indicate what happened to her.



Edited by jysk
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Never noticed the doll.


Her story how she became missing is explained in the house of her parents. Its the western one of the two houses which are directly on the market place.


I don't think I went into that house.




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I'll have to go back and see it. I went around the east side, and went into that house first. Then got into the inn and the bank. I went the west way on my way out, but I must have missed the door. Still enjoyed the mission, but it seems like I missed the best part. :)

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Well then you may have missed the another house too: You can get into the upper floor of the house to the east of the inn (the one with a balcony) too, by either climbing on the wooden small roof, or by coming from the inn where you can open a window on the upper floor (and then on the balcony this way). But its not so story relevant as the other house, just another route into the inn and some loot)

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I'm still playing through this now, but just noticed something badly broken in the latest SVN build:


At the cellar door entrance of the Inn around back, the lockpicking sounds cannot be heard from the outside (also, there is no handle). One can see the lockpick light up green, and I noclipped through and could hear picking sounds on the inside, but not the outside. The doors also have no visible handles, not sure if they are supposed to. Might this be due to a door handle location/model change, assuming it doesn't happen in 1.07?


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