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Implementing a own model

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Now the time is come that i want to implement a new model (from fllood, thanks again).

Until now i used the path - doomIII / darkmod / maps / mapx because i never need some new models or something else.

But now the problem:


If i create a subfolder (in maps) for the mission and copy all the folders for the model (models, dds, materials, textures) into it, i cant give DR the path to this modelfolder (preference).

If i create a subfolder in the doomII folder i cant dmap and so on...


So where i exactly create the mission subfolder ?


Thanks in advance

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DR and Doom3 are looking for a specific folder structure that exists inside 1 of 2 base folders. There is the mod base folder, and the mod folder (fs_game_base and fs_game).

fs_game_base should always be set in tdmlauncher and DR to darkmod folder. fs_game is your actual mission folder. it will look for the same models, materials, textures folders as fs_game_base. But you need to set it up. The default way to set up fs_game in DR is to just set your preferences and choose the folder you want. The default in doom3 is to just install a mission, and it sets fs_game to the folder of the mission you want to play.


Currently, you are using fs_game_base folder (darkmod). if you want to change your folder setup, you need to change fs_game in DR, and fs_game in doom3/tdmlauncher. IF you are not using mission installation, you will need to do this manually. while not running doom3, add this to the target of your tdmlauncher shortcut: "+set fs_game mymission". fs_game will accept any subfolder you specify under the doom3 folder, like "+set fs_game mymission/folder/subfolder/stuff" and it will then look for your models, materials, etc folders in doom3/mymission/folder/subfolder/stuff" folder.


If you want to be able to install your mission in TDM, and do it that way, refer to the startpack section of wiki, but you'll still have to change fs_game in DR as well.

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I'd just stick to the regular folder set up personally.


In a simple world, this is definitely the ideal solution, until its time to package everything up, and start testing final product. But, if you're working on multiple FM's and testing environments with custom content created for each, the clutter can build up really fast. I still have about 2 hours worth of work untangling the mess I made when I was only using darkmod folder as a base, hard to get motivated to sit down and clean house.

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The best bet there is having a darkmod folder (per map : ie: darkmod_map_1 folder) on your desktop with directories built up. Then every time you add a custom content to your darkmod folder also throw it in the proper desktop directory.

Then when you're ready to zip everything should be in place already.

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To most best handling content and packaging I have my WIP along with any custom stuff setup just like a playable mission --> No fizzling around putting and mixing custom stuff for multiple WIP. Like it is with putting custom models in Doom3/darkmod/models, Doom3/darkmod/textures etc.


You find all info basically here.


So... my WIP is on the same folder hierachy as any mission you install via TDM. Below that I added folders for custom stuff like that:






(AFT my WIP name - do replace with yours)


Just don't forget put fs_game = mymap in DR > Edit > Prefs > Game.

In the model viewer you find the custom content as you do specify in the MTR file.


And don't forget to create a folder with your WIP mapname in doom3\darkmod\fms, adding startingmap.txt and darkmod.txt.


Johannes, I will PM you for further details ...

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