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:laugh: You know, I actually bought a couple of padlocks and learned how to pick locks once. But I didn't get any of those fancy tools though, I made my own using paper clips. It's a pretty fun "physics puzzle" once you get what you're doing.
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If you think that was fancy there's a tool some youtuber made, stainless steel, with pin marks, retractable operating shaft and it look like its one of bond oo7 would use

As for lockpicks, there's a den of hobbists and they fond of picking difficult locks,they do competitions and championships on speed picking, so garret may be overrated a bit )

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What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, until the job is done?

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This seems to be the only android phone that isn't either extremely over-priced, or a complete piece of shit (no SD slot or outdated OS).




I've been looking for a fairly priced phone with no contract that is not $500 (like a galaxy), or running something like Gingerbred and thus obsolete crap. It also must have an SD card slot. This fits all those bills. Even though its old, it still has 1 GB of RAM and a multiple-core CPU so performance looks quite reasonable. I see phones that are newer than this coming with less RAM... You can also install up to Android 4.3 on this thing and it has received attention from the modding community. What do you think? Worth $140?


The only thing that scares me about this is the battery life. Some people say it isn't very good.

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--- War does not decide who is right, war decides who is left.

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yeah, battery life seems to be crap on all phones these days. I currently own a GalaxyS4 but am still not completely happy with the crop of stock and custom rom's for this handset. Cyanogenmod is the best for speed and battery life, but the CM versions of the calender, dialer/contacts and sms apps are all stock AOSP (so in otherwords, crap). If a 'proper' Touchwiz skin/theme was done for CM11 that included all the stock apps for the GS4 i would have no problem chucking a few ££ at the dev and more if the rom was regularly updated.


If someone that had never owned a smartphone before now and wanted to try something without breaking the bank, I would say the Motorola-G is one of the best price-perf handsets out there. Or if they want an iphone, the IP4 second hand is quite cheap at £150-200. If their requirements were a little more picky like Android only with removeable battery and SD slot, then maybe an LG optimus P880 on GsmArena

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Ah, its not fear of anything IMO. Its just the newness of technology to the human race. I think it will run its course and become integrated in to life. As with everything else, nature will find a balance.

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Yes, it's fear of change. Fear of changing life to a lonely state. I am just 27 years old myself and use social media and my smartphone on a regular basis, but I still think that dude got some valid points. I mean, when you go into the subway train and realize that 13 of 15 people are staring at their phones, I just don't want to get mine out. I think it is kind of sad, that people don't look at each other anymore. How much do many people miss out on, just by staying at home chatting, instead of going out and experiencing something?


Yes, things will hopefully be balanced, eventually, but it is people like this guy that help to balance things. I have often been thinking about whether I am using my phone too much or not. My conclusion is: yes, it is too much! Why do we have to be reachable via so many ways on mobile? Isn't just one way sufficient?

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What I love (and I'm being sarcastic) is that many times, even though there are many ways to contact someone nowadays, they don't respond. Not even with a, "busy, I'll get back to you". Yes that can obviously be assumed if they don't respond but its just non-communication in the communication era... ironic. For what its worth, I don't own a cell/smartphone.

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      My biggest regret is living in this country, where there's a heat wave, I am sweating at 20c and I really wish for temperatures below 5c.
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      Is there something wrong with the forums lately, or is it my browser? I've been having trouble formatting posts, and just now I couldn't format anything at all.
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