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Fan Mission: Deceptive Shadows by Shadowhide (16/Sep/12)


Fan Mission: Deceptive Shadows by Shadowhide (16/Sep/12)  

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  2. 2. Appearance: Vertical use, Visual pleasure, lighting, visual style, deduct bad texturing etc.

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Architecture and lighting are brilliant, and the sound is remarkably atmospheric.


Unfortunately, this mission is very very very very boring. There is nothing less interesting than being presented with a million locked doors and having to guess which one the key you just found opens. Many of the puzzles are just not logically constructed, and the endless key hunt just becomes annoying.

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From my point of view this mission is broken. Way too many things can go wrong.


I used noclip and even bound a key to show all frobs until I discovered I am supposed to go down as following place: Lowest level, where that one coffin you can frob is, there is a plate which somehow must have a way to open. noclip through that plate, swim, and then I got have clement's key.

Maybe someone has a hint how to open that plate to get to clement's key normally so I know whether it is a bug or not...


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My Review;

I gotta admit, that first room has pretty janky polygon work (and the lighting!). Didn't expect much from this map - but I played on...

It got better, so the saying goes. Alot better, in fact - even to the point I'd call this one a true Hidden Gem. With most excellent, expected and UN-expected twists & turns. It does help to keep your eyes peeled for the vast assortment of hidden switches, levers, buttons and other over-used mechanisms the Builders seem fond of...(Some of these are needed to fullfill mission objectives!)

Good SFX as well, I think there was even some custom voice over work; always a nice touch to give each mission some personality.

Stop reading this Review, and download it now! 👍

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