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building under Mac OS X?


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After a pm from malex, I've now got my textures problem sorted out.


The problem was that the required DOOM 3 assets were not also located in the base directory. Now I have the following structure:

~/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/base:
 pak00*.pk4  # New files copied from Doom\ 3.App/Contents/Assets/base

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I just want to say i'm also got 1.08 running on mac (mac osx, snow leopard, 10.6.8).


You dont need Malex984's gdb.sh to run darkmod.

Just extract Malex file, move tdm.app and tdm_game3.pk4 from the "release" folder to the darkmod folder, give the executable permission to file "Doom 3" inside the file TDM.app and afterwards launch TDM.app.


New Darkmod users, should do the following:

  1. Install doom 3 for mac.
  2. Download Darkmod 1.08 full package and Malex984's OSX10_6_i386.7z.
  3. Go to your downloads folder.
  4. Extract the darkmod package , select the extracted "darkmod" folder, hit edit > cut.
  5. Go to your home folder > library > "Application Support" > "Doom 3".
  6. in this Doom 3 folder, click edit > paste.
  7. Go to your downloads folder.
  8. Extract the "OSX10_6_i386.7z" package with an 7zip extractor.
    (for example the unarchiver).
  9. Select the new extracted darkmod folder and go the "release" folder.
  10. move files "TDM.app" and "tdm_game3.pk4" to the darkmod foder, by selecting them, edit > cut.
    Go to your home-folder > library > "Application Support" > "Doom 3 > darkmod".
    In the darkmod folder, click edit > paste.
  11. Select spotlight, search for "terminal" and launch it.
  12. run the following line in your terminal by copying the following line in the terminal and run it.
    Select the line, click edit > copy, select the terminal window, click edit > paste and hit enter:
    chmod uga+x "~/Library/Application\ Support/Doom\ 3/darkmod/TDM.app/Contents/MacOS/Doom 3"

    (you don't get an verbose message)

  13. close the terminal.
  14. Go the darkmod folder and launch "tdm.app".

Note: if you copy tdm.app to your applications folder, after step 14, and run from it, then texture problems will/may occure.

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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
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