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Aaaagh! PC Down. Suggestions?


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I re-enabled the embedded audio in the bios and googled specifically for Predator GX7760 embedded audio drivers and downloaded those. It was much the same as before but I noticed on the page where it says device not plugged in, instead of being static it kept looping around and testing for it endlessly. At top right is graphic of coloured sockets on the back and these kept highlighting so it clearly means plug a mike or speakers in. Well, my amp is plugged into the green socket so it's not detecting that. I suspect all it does is send a signal to the embedded device and if that's knackered then it gets an error or nothing back so it takes that to mean there's nothing plugged in. There is also a big graphic flashes up for about a quarter of a second but not long enough to even see what it is - I think it's a PC and I think I saw a button to click on it but, as I say, too fast to do anything or even see what it's for - probably not important.


Tell me, how are these things organised? Which (if any) of the following is true:


App (eg, media player) - Windows - drivers - physical audio device - speakers, etc.


App (eg, media player) - drivers - Windows - xxx - physical audio device - speakers, etc.


App (eg, media player) - Windows - drivers - xxx - physical audio device - speakers, etc.


If so, what is xxx? What is it in Windows that directly detects a physical device even without drivers? That is uses that identifying info to install its own generic drivers? Is xxx something that might be removed/wrongly config'd/uninstalled? I mean, clearly something in Windows generally knows if and what device is plugged in and then it installs drivers so what is that something that can tell the difference between a hard drive being plugged in a usb and an audio card plugged inside? Could that be the problem?


I'll try to find time to look at the card I plugged in but it's a hassle. I have to unplug everything from my pc, drag away my armchair and heft it onto a table then one of the graphic cards needs removing to get at the socket.


btw worth mentioning, the card I removed from my old vista machine had a cable to the cd player. I'm certain that's just for directly playing cd sound and the card should work for Windows sound without it. I mean, that can't possibly affect whether the card is detected can it?


I found a fourth type of hdmi connector amongst my junk. This is an angled rectangle like the pvr ones but tiny. I thought jackpot but this doesn't fit the nvidia socket either. When I drag it onto the table to look at the card I'll try to remember to examine the nvidia socket properly - it's impossible for me to directly see where its located down on the floor beyond my chair. Nearly-headless Nick might be able to bend his head down there but not me. It could be the socket is simply partly obscured by the tower case in which case reach for the pliers and the mallet.

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The sound card from my other machine is an Asus SupremeFX II and I've come to the conclusion it won't work on my Acer. I downloaded a couple of drivers and they both laughed at me - won't work on this machine.


The embedded audio seems to be broke. I give up on that.


So now I'm looking to get an hdmi cable but which one? An hdmi cable site confirmed there are 5 basic types. At least 3 of them have a profile that is rectangular with two corners angled off - but each of these 3 types is a different size. I have at least 3 of the larger ones and at least one of the smallest ones but not the one that fits the Nvidia card. How do I identify which one I want?

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Your right, the Asus sound card seems to be designed only to work on Asus motherboards - http://us.estore.asu...t_detail&p=3440


Regarding your onboard audio that should be working. Once you enable it ij the bios then boot into windows you install the relevent driver etc. If you have done all that then its an RMA to Amazon, which as the PC is only several weeks old they should collect it, or at the very least let you pay to use thier courier service. But again I strongly suggest you get a buddy who is a computer bod to have a look at th the pc before we look into going that far.


Most gfx cards require a normal generic HDMI cable (see below), one end into the primary GTX580 and the other into your TV/Monitor. But without know the make/model of your GTX580 I wont know if your has a normal sized or mini HDMI connector. But after a quick google search its lickely you have a normal sized connector (see below)




As I have said before, I am happy to pop up to you which would give me far better odd's of fixing ALL of your PC issues.

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Just can't believe this. I rebooted and my new pc locked up at the Acer screen. I could see press F12 to enter bios etc but nothing worked. After 2 to 3 minutes it rebooted. It kept cycling like that. I put in my bootable CD but it wouldn't work and I couldn't get into bios to check but I'm sure I set it to boot CD. Finally I switched off at the back for an hour and let it cool off and now its working again. Worrying.

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