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I'm a concept artist, modeller, texturer, rigger and animator. What needs to be done?

Mr Lemony Fresh

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Hello everyone, some may remember me from a while back when i used to post here.


Today I'll reveal my name: Simon Heggie.


I recently graduated from Qantm college in Sydney with a bachalors degree in interactive entertainment majoring in 3D animation, and I now work full time at an indie game studio called Blowfish studio.




As the title suggests, i have the ability to do all these things. Please check out my site to see what I've done recently: http://www.simonheggie.com


My job doesn't really get me doing much work with high definition modelling or normal maps or anything, it's all low poly for the IOS. I need experience doing some higher definition game assets to put on my showreel. I thought i may as well kill 2 birds with one stone and help breath some life into the Dark mod which gave me lot's of entertainment in the past.


I understand you folks need some monsters re-jigged? I would like to take a brief and go through the entire pipeline up until getting it game ready for one character and then if i do anything else it will be mainly concept art/modelling/texturing.


I sort of bailed on a previous project here because of personal reasons and going into Uni, not only that but asset creation seemed a lot more daunting. Before UNI and work in the industry i had never really finished anything substancial, but now i have the confidense to stick with a task.


So what needs to be done?

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Getting a new werebeast model and animating it would be a great step towards standalone! Read more about it here. Diego seems to have been working on a new werebeast, so I'd just ask if he's still doing something or not. Your work would be highly appreciated. :)

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The big tasks I can think of are:


- a skeleton mesh: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14065-needed-for-standalone-animated-skeleton/


- animation set for the existing zombie mesh: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13966-needed-for-standalone-animated-zombie/


- werebeast replacement (Diego had started on this as already mentioned):

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