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How to correctly Monsterclip stairs?


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I've build some stairs, 10 units heght each stair, wich player can traverse no problem. However, AI chase player only half of it or so, and then "Destination unreachable" happens, and AI runs down to find a way around.


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What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, until the job is done?

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If your stairs are worldbrush, AI should traverse them with no problem, as long as each riser (step height) is 13 or less.


Most stairs, however, are made into func_statics, to cut down on having their corners cut neighboring walls into numerous tris. AI don't "see" func_statics, so in that case you have to build them an invisible set of stairs in the same place.


If your stairs are func_static (or some are and some aren't) you'll need to build an overlying set of texture/common/tdm_nodrawsolid_stone stairs. When I make stairs, I duplicate the func_static stairs, then revert the new func_static to worldbrush, change the collection of brushes to the correct tdm_nodrawsolid texture (stone, tile, wood, etc.), then raise them 1 unit above the func_static stairs, giving the AI a nice walkable surface.


Another thing you can do is build a ramp from tdm_nodrawsolid_* and place it over the stairs so the AI actually traverse the ramp instead of the stairs.

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And, one more thing...


The "can't reach destination" message occurs when there's no complete path from where the AI is to where it wants to go. It's possible that if the AI is chasing you, the problem isn't on the stairs themselves, but on the area where you're standing when the message appears.


You can assign a key to show you the AAS areas that the AI use to walk around in.


Put this key bind in your Darkmod.cfg file:


bind "b" "_impulse27"


When you hit the "B" key in game, TDM will paint the AAS areas near you. You can use this to confirm that the AI can (AAS areas appear over each step) or can't (the stairs have no AAS areas on them) climb your stairs.


If you're using the "B" key for something else, then pick an unused key.

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Thanks grayman, will try

Binding console commands to keys is great, how to bind something else, r_showPortals f.i.?


What this negative numbers in doorways mean, is it bad? st_04.jpg

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What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, until the job is done?

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Visportals produce white AAS areas.


The other colors are chosen randomly. All AAS areas in the same cluster are given the same color. Think of a cluster as the space between visportals. The large red numbers are the cluster numbers. The small numbers are the AAS area numbers.

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A wedge of monster clip works fine for stairways if you make the stair brushes func_statics.


Make sure, though, that if you let them walk on monster_clip, that that's the footstep sound you want. You can get the exact sound using tdm_nodrawsolid_* textures.

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