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Farewell Halo 2.


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I just read this article. Back in the day, I played the original Halo online a lot for the PC. It was quite fun in spite of having a lot of technical flaws. When H2 was coming to the PC, I was ready to snag myself a copy and play, but they made it Vista exclusive. I passed. Now they're turning off H2's multiplayer, while at the same time there are still a lot of servers and plenty of people playing the original Halo.


It just makes me laugh: You would imagine that a sequel to a game should live longer than the original?

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From what I've played, the first one is better than the second. I never got around to playing any Halo 2 multiplayer for reasons that should be obvious if you dwell on this next point. For some odd reason they decided to take a game that ran perfectly well on the original XBox and yet on the PC you were required to upgrade to Vista. I wasn't going to pay $250 to play one game for no good reason other than to line Microsoft's pocket. This is especially true given a few months later a third party released a hack that allowed the game to run on XP.


I still play the original quite a bit. I'd play it more often if there were less modded servers.

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the multiplayer wasn't any good, you had to signup to windows live to use it and microsoft could tell if you were not a xbox player and kick you from the servers when ever they felt like it which was most evenings. Halo 2 was like playing in sludge and dull boring game design which ment you saw the same environment more than once. Which had you saying am sure I played through this area before, even though you hadnt. microsoft couldn't detect the hack, cos apparently it also told windows live you were running windows vista.


I wonder it halo 2 will run on windows 7 or will it still require windows vista.

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