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No sorry still need to install VS2017, right now only have 2015 and 2019. 


edit: Ok instaled vs2017 and i'm building the project.

edit 2: libs compiled fine, penumbra not, first it asked me to update the solution? Then it stoped with error:  fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'hpl.h': No such file or directory

It seems i'm missing some includes


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? thats the HPL header thats odd that it cannot find this, try checking in the C/C++ tab in properties for penumbra under additional include directories.

Should look like this -> ..\include;..\dependencies\include;..\OALWrapper\include;%(AdditionalIncludeDirectories)

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Build order is OALWrapper -> HPL1 -> Penumbra the HPL.sln does this in the right order after that you can go into the tools folder and build any solution under there to get the mapping tools.

But it is imperative that you do it in this exact order as the tools rely on atleast the OALWrapper and HPL engine being built beforehand.

Penumbra itself is not needed if you only need the tools, but it is built anyway.

The HPL engine is built as a library which can be linked to by client applications (tools / game clients etc.) a bit like the irrlicht engine but as a static library with dynamic runtime bindings.

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Theres a new build here https://sourceforge.net/projects/cbadvanced/files/penumbra overture/

get redist-30-07-2020.7z i have severely reduced the number off dll's needed to run penumbra as well as updated SDL SDL_ttf and SDL_image libraries with the latest dependencies linked in statically. Cg has also been updated which reduced the number of headers Cg needs as well.

fltk does not seem to be used in the windows build so the fltkdll.dll might actually be remove as well.

All SDL libraries are now the latest versions from the old series. SDL2 might come in handy next ;)

Easiest way to update is simply to remove all dll's in penumbra and then copy over the contents of redist-30-07-2020.7z

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And even more reduction ;) statically linked in ogg vorbis and theora.

Also updated GLee to latest and added the msvc 2017 runtimes to the archive.

redist-static-dependencies-30-07-2020.7z can be found under the same url.

Patched the source with a fix for a crash bug in one map where a node gets traversed badly.

So now it only relies on the OpenAL32.dll and the various SDL dll's.

SSE2 support is now mandatory but pretty much all cpu's today support that so it should be no biggie unless you intend to run it on a pentium 2 :P

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Im going to do the same thing that was used in idtech 4 and use props to set the correct build steps,

this should ease it for anyone who wants a go at the source code.

Then im going to upload it to github for those who want to toy with it.

Atm im traversing the code to get at some possible memory leaks pointed out by PVS studio, i will mark these in case fixing them causes other problems.

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Last release before i start changing things, get HPL1Engine-sources-02-08-2020.7z from same url as the engine.


All libraries beside newton and anglescript have been updated to latest.

Fixed a few memory leaks in source.

Removed old project files (no longer possible to build it with the old compilers anyway).

Added HPL tools to main solution and added a readme on how to use them.

Build instructions:

open HPL.sln in msvc 2017 and select if you want a debug or release build, hit build and profit :P.

If you want the mapper tools theres a folder named tools in the workspace, it does not get built by default but even if you have not built HPL1 yet

it will build the dependencies automatically. Select each tool in the workspace and hit build.

If you want to mod for penumbra you need to open hplhelper.exe and execute the tools from there,

it reads the material.cfg file at startup to get the correct location of of game materials.

You can then do a few things like seing how your model / map / particle etc. would look in game (yah it is pretty basic).

There are a few editors for hudobjects maps and particles but they only have the most basic functionality, atleast you can see if things will look right.

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Thinking of it the frob mechanic in darkmod could probably use the same logic HPL1 uses for object interaction (also seems to be its main feature).

The CG shader backend would probably benefit greatly being updated to handle GLSL instead, seing as cg has been discontinued and there has been no new version for a very long time.

Source has loads of disabled code which if i read it correctly then atleast some of it seems to be early work for the HPL2 engine.

Found a git repository which had fixed the source to work with the latest Newton physics and Anglescript dependencies. Ill have a look at the changes nessesary to add these.

Could be a great engine to do a remake of one of my old loves (call of cthulhu dark corners of the earth) since that one was riddled with bugs which made it a nasty experience to play.

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Hmm in fact TDM would also fit that bill in remaking call of cthulhu dcote since the gameplay is much like thiefs (loads of sneaking around :P) and the dark atmosphere would really fit it as well. Not sure if TDM can do rain drops as is but that should not be to hard to do.

Wonder if anyone could make a shoggoth md5 model ?!? and how it would eventually look.

This old game is scary as hell but suffers from so many game breaking bugs that most people newer finished it which is a shame since the story is really good (allmost 100% following lovecrafts own though it mixes in elements from other novellas like shadow over insmouth dagon and the dunwhich horror).

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