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obj can be easily imported into almost any program just like he said.


But it's not just as easy as import/export. You'll need to create the materials, those are for Dromed, so you also need Specular and Normal maps made. You'll need to properly scale the models. Without looking, possibly fix/edit smooth groups. Then make shadow and collision meshes. LOD?


Not that that's all that hard but it takes someone willing to do it.


Then do we want/need them? We already have a pretty nice rowboat and fountain, can't see any of the other models so who knows.


I'm pretty picky about texture alignment, that rowboat just has a plank texture planar across the top, the boards don't bend around the front, etc...

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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Neither of the two I can see look particularly impressive. Not as good as what we already have, anyway.

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