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I noticed that the material file extension is not being read from the *.game configuration file, instead darkradiant assumes the materials files are *.mtr, the game I wish to edit for uses *.shader files. Also I am on linux and I wondered if darkradiant can be made case insensitive in the filepaths it uses as there are many issues with the editor not finding shaders from some contributers because of unusual capitalisation on the "scripts" or "Scripts" and many other directories (eek) from the many contributors











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I checked the Trunk SVN and compiled the latest build, I was having issues with the model viewer in Darkradiant, it can load MD3 geometry but no texture information is applied. I assume this is what causes the program to crash when you try and insert such a model into the editor.


Md5ain models fair better in the viewer and are textured but cause the program to crash upon inserting them into the editor.


Linux compile 23/03/13 trunk

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