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Fan Mission: The Lich Queen's Demise by Sotha (2013/05/20)


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That was one awesome playthrough. Thanks for sharing! My favorite moments:

+Being sandwiched in second floor between two revenants relighting lights.

+Lots of tension in the Weeping Halls... Why didn't you use a candle? Never foresaw the revenant vs Shadow scenario. Nice that the Shadow returned back to his business after killing that pesky Revenant.

+The moment LQ was killed and the revenant rushed to help, but alas she was already dead!


Cool stuff!

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-The mapper's best friend.

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I played with the 2.0 beta and it seemed to work just fine for the most part:



I think the only real problems were that I got a bit stuck on top of the the shelf in the Lich Queen's room and one other very amusing issue:




When playing with the 2.0 beta the "Shadows" have faces, and I get the impression they're supposed to be invisible. You can see this after around 1:17:00 in the video.


The result is an SCP-087 sort of effect, which arguably rather disturbing in its own way!



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The shadows should be completely invisible. When provoked, they should have red eyes, but no face.

Why would TDM2 override my invisible head materials I do not know.

I'm planning to make an ultra light update on this mission once my burnout cools off, so I'll try to fix the wardrobe too.


-The mapper's best friend.

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Woah, didn't even know there was a new TDM mission out. You guys should really cross post this stuff over to TTLG - despite what you may think, there are many people over there interested in TDM FMs.


Ouch, first let me get this egg off my face. Sorry about that, it appears this missions was already posted to the TTLG boards. :blush:

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Very nice mission! And fairly creepy.

Didn't have problems with anything so far - other then having to EXIT the game in order to read the release-notes about using the R button.

But now I am stuck. Found everything except for the

vial of virgin blood


Interesting... no one else besides me seems having trouble finding that.


Ahhh... found it. Seems like the leech queen was about to

take a bath


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Can i have another bag of powder? :D



Haunt got in the way and took a canonball and the door remained. It was fun!

Love the way haunts walk out of the fire!






Got lols when took canlde in wheeping halls, lit it with match and set on the floor of dark coridor. After a munite shadow came in and kicked it aside were poor candle extinguished. No light for you! :laugh:

And the shadow dissapeared :o






Witnessed a battle of an epic proportion just now - shadow with 4 revenants. After loosin two comrades revenants called in for LQ herself. Now its a draw :ph34r:scr_0567.jpg

Family reunion



Great FM Sotha! And quite unusial too!

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What excuse do we have not to sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, until the job is done?

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There is only one pouch of gunpowder. I think the mission will not break, though. If you pick up the cannonball that came out from the cannon and touch the door with it, the door should explode anyhow.


This is because it works like this:

cannonball coming from the cannon emits a stim and the door waits for that stim. Then when they meet, the door is destroyed.



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-The mapper's best friend.

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Sotha , thank you , a wonderful mission. How do you do it , must have taken hours and hours (or should I say months and months) , with all the obvious thought that's gone into it. And hours and hours of fun for me, with a bit of fright rolled in too with all those haunts and shadows! With my usual inept style of dealing with missions ( in my role of what must be one of the Dark Mod's oldest thieves on here )* , I struggled in a few places. Definitely one to replay in a few months though. Superb!

(* 70 ish !! Like to know if we have any other old budding thieves as members.Been playing thief in some form or other since my late fifties)

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Now this is odd

I just tried to load a save game and they won't. It is as though the FM had been updated but it hasn't yet

This is in 2.0


I may have sussed it - the following files have been updated but I don't remember running SVN - I must be getting even older

gamex86.dll and tdm_game01.pk4 and lights.mtr and a few others

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Do the

haunts guarding the main entrance re spawn themselves if they are killed? I checked it out with some fire arrows and they do seem to keep reappearing after being bumped off. Also , do other folk have the same problem as I do with mines , in that they never seem to explode. I put one in the exact spot where a haunt kept sitting down but no explosion. I've also left them against doors etc to no avail. It's got to the stage when I never buy them at the beginning of a mission and rarely bother to pick them up when they are available.

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@Raymeld. Yes, they are respawning.


Also , do other folk have the same problem as I do with mines , in that they never seem to explode. I put one in the exact spot where a haunt kept sitting down but no explosion. I've also left them against doors etc to no avail. It's got to the stage when I never buy them at the beginning of a mission and rarely bother to pick them up when they are available.


Let us continue discussing the mines in here:



-The mapper's best friend.

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Now THIS is what I feel when I want to play a near perfect Stealth experience: tense story, atmospheric visuals, well thought gameplay, good AI challenge, great flow, perfect mission length... and what others said. On top on that innovative elements, great vocal work and excellent RIT implemetations. That FM was much fun playing on every level. Six stars from me Sotha!


And yes, this FM is 'Unusual' to me as well: For new AI challenge among other. But also due to the fact of exploring and building this excellent map with the modular building technique with great success.


The best Thomas Porter adventure. And to me one of the best FM's for TDM so far.


Thanks and Congrats to that release Sotha !!

Edited by fllood

"To rush is without doubt the most important enemy of joy" ~ Thieves Saying

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Very nice mission, Sotha, and satisfying conclusion to Thomas Porter saga :)


It was one of the missions where it was always clear where I should go or what I should be doing (last keyhunt and – try-to-remember-what-has-been-done-and-what-has-not was iin William Steele 1: In the North, which was brilliant, but in different way :) ).


I liked the story, beautiful sunset, ominous shadows in Weeping Halls – had to restart because of them several times and after that I was carefully listening to their footsteps. Only during return, after I paid visit to the laboratory, I have noticed you can see their shadows (shadows having shadows) in light, but it was more or less not necessary anymore.


I was saving water arrows for the duration of a whole mission, thinking you might need them at the end on the Queen herself. Well, I could´ve use them. But I´ve disposed of her in messy style – fire arrow!


Then I was surprised her minions are still alive after she died. But I guess the rest of the mission would be too easy then :)


After I lurked out, I have enjoyed Thomas´s farewell to LQ and set out to setting sun.

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Sotha, your missions are always awesome. I just finished this one. Excellent mission all around. Really tense at moments

like the skeletons almost immediately relighting lights that I shot out to get past and in the weeping halls with the shadow people, which is one of the best experiences I've had in a fan mission in this mod.



There's only one thing that I could say was an issue, and it seems like it wasn't something that common.


After I put all the ingredients into the pot and boiled it, the character did his little monologue and then I started walking back through the halls with the shadows to go upstairs and kill the queen. A couple seconds after I exited the cauldren room, I heard a big crash and the character did the monologue that seemed like it was meant for when you kill the queen and I got the objective and everything. So the queen killed herself somehow and I have no idea what it was. Not sure if it's a bug or a dynamic event caused by some things in the environment or what, but figured that that's not how you wanted players to complete the level so letting you know.



Edit: Reading the above

is it possible that the queen could have walked into the cannonball, given how it works? Does the noise the cannonball makes work if it just touches something? I didn't see her when exting the weeping halls though so that could not be it.


Edited by Sakonosolo
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