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Thief 4 is trash.


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I pray to the master builder that this piece of taff flops. I hope we can one day get a true sequel to the original trilogy as well, made by people who know what they're doing. Perhaps after the second great game crash....


Which I hope happens. I don't like seeing this great medium of entertainment defiled by dlc and doritos and preorders and taffing mountain dew. A rebirth is in order, gentlemen!

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It's somewhat ironic that TDM can't use Thief IP yet still manages to still stay true to the original Thief games more than EM has. Or maybe it isn't. What makes Thief, Thief transcends characters and factions. I'd like to think that Dishonored proved that to be the case.

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Unfortunately, the game's unstable state prevented me from completing them all. During my hour with the title I ran into several bugs that prevented me from switching arrow heads, froze me in mid-air and, twice, crashed me to the computer's desktop.


My god. Setting aside the petty behaviour of the developers, they're four months away from release and they're still having major bugs, AND admit they have to "work on the AI and how it reacts to players"? Oh well, at least the bridge sequence looks great. :rolleyes:


This is sounding like it's going to be not just a poorly designed game, but a poorly designed, buggy as shit game.

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They have an ultimatum as far as the release date goes, so they can't delay it anymore. (Squeenix got pissed, looks like). And considering the current state of the game, I'm pretty sure it's going to be released in an unfinished, buggy as hell state.


Here's another article with the usual arrogant tone they've been using for a while now: http://www.vg247.com/2013/10/11/thief-reboot-will-overcome-fan-resistance-at-launch-a-confident-eidos-states/

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Here's some other winners. God, what little optimism I had gained last month has been completely crushed.


Loading screens stopping time:

While I’m confident that many of these will be resolved through play-testing and polishing, there does seem to be at least one scenario in which it’s possible to exploit the AI based on the way the world is constructed. Entering a building via a window triggers an animation that seems to render Garrett invisible to the AI – or else time stops – and so he cannot be spotted for these few seconds. As many of the outside and inside areas are separated by loading screens, and as Garrett’s going to be utilising an awful lot of windows, this could cause some unpleasant consistency problems.


So much for it being "Next-gen"P:

“For us, instead of looking at what we can push on next gen we wanted to push as hard as we could on current gen,” Khoury clarifies. “But here’s the thing, in other areas in terms of loading, streaming, displays of particles, levels of detail…it’s visual and that’s where we’ll see the biggest gains.”
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Some great Thief discussion on the Crate and Crowbar podcast (PC Gamer UK staff). They highlight that unlike Human Revolution and the previous Thief games, Thief (2014) isn't an immersive sim but is a just a vanilla stealth game. 'They modernised the wrong bits of Thief.'


http://crateandcrowbar.com/2013/10/11/episode-013-give-a-little-pluck-to-their-lovely-loom-of-fate/ 30:00 - 51:00

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pc version is being programed by games company Nixxes, they did the tomb raider reboot for the pc version because it was too much work for crystal dynamics to program the game for consoles and pc, so for the pc version of thief they will be using the same assets as the console versions but they will be programming the game for the pc, so thief on pc wont be a console port, and graphics should be high definition directx 10 & 11. just wonder how complete is the pc version.


all the demo's seem to have been done on the playstation dont know if that's 3 or 4.

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The video had me laughing. :laugh:


It's taken a lot -- stripping away community editing, changing gameplay, making a mockery of a beloved series, etc., etc. -- but the folks behind THIAF have turned me away completely (from a starting point that already wasn't optimistic). The perplexing thing is, I don't really care anymore. :) We have great games already that meet the need, and I don't need that consolized nonsense. The Thief source is out and The Dark Mod is standalone!


I'll watch as the THIAF situation develops for the sake of curiosity, but it's not the game for me. I had enough of messy failed attempts falling short in T3. The devs are missing it on way too many points. Oh, they'll make more money with THIAF than Thief ever made, that's guaranteed. And that's the most important thing, right? Of course it is. Makes you wonder if they "got" (let alone played) the originals at all.


Thank the Builder for TDM and the original Thief games.

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Thank the Builder for TDM and the original Thief games.

Halleluja. (Cheers in delight)


In germany games are not considered as art. I don't know how it is in other countries, though, and you may think, who cares.


But if you take a look at movies for example, you have the AAA productions like Avatar, which may bring the makers a lot of money, and you have niche movies, which don't bring much profit, and in most cases are therefore not recognized by most of the people (The mechanist is a more popular example for this, and I know quite a few more, but I don't know their names). However, movies are considered art, and not because of movies like Avatar. (Don't wanna say it is bad, though).


PC and Video Games are a young medium, and over the time this medium will gain more and more acceptance, and may be even considered art. The amount of AAA productions which only pleases the masses will increase over the time, but also the amount of people who are willing to accept low money game for the sake of creating art, like it is with movies.


And in one houndret years, what do you think people will remember. The first Thief game, coming up with a complete new genre, or the five-houndret parts of COD.


I just smile and lean back imagine how my grandchildren will hear about the enourmous deeds of Looking Glass studies in art and history lessons, and how they, like Mozart and Goethe before, influenced the way of how people play games.

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Huh. didn't expect that.

I have the feeling that the removal of the XP system is not going to save the game from paling in comparison to the past three games in the series, and that of The Dark Mod. Still, but it certainly is good news and it gives the tiniest inkling of optimism. If they are willing to remove one unfitting and broken system, then why not another? Surely it is too late to revamp an entire game this late into development, especially if the press is correct about the fact that the game is still buggier than a rain forest. But I digress...


Maybe I'm just stupid... yeah, I probably am... but I still really want this game to be good. Could it surprise all of us? Probably not, but I'd like to think so.

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The fact that the game has been in development for 5 years, and they still are showing buggy demos to journalists, and scrapping XP systems, four months before release, speaks volumes.

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