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My name is Cory Vogel and I am quite interested in your Doom III modification. I have experience with C++ and DirectX as well as a growing knowledge of the Doom III engine. It has been mentioned that coders with AI experience are needed. I have created a "mercenary" in Doom III that follows the player around, keeps track of it's health which regenerates at different rates depending on it's current action, keeps close to the player, and attacks enemies. Though I enjoy working with AI, I will happily script weapons or whatever is desired by the team. I have time each week to work on the project and being dedicated won't be a problem. If you would like me to send any code just tell me. I don't mind constructing some type of "test your skills" project with the team either.






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Currently AI has not been started, so having somebody on the team with AI experience would be very helpfull. :)


Please write a mail to New Horizon recruiting@thedarkmod.com and tell him to set up an application thread.


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Here is an example of some of my work: my Mercenaries mod.


Some information, which is also included in the readme file...


Mercenaries Beta 1.0


1. Load the mod from the Doom III Mods Menu.

2. Load a map

3. Open the console(ctrl+alt+tilde(~))

4. type: "spawn mercenary"

5. Have fun





- Monitors self-activity

- Idling, Following, Attacking, etc...


- Follows the player around

- Keeps a minimum and maximum distance

- Decides weather to run or walk

- Catches up if the player gets too far, is out of sight, or is unreachable


- Attacks enemies

- Handles crouching, strafing, and running attacks

- Is extremely accurate and powerful


- Regenerates health

- Fastest regeneration rate when idling, followed by following and attacking


- Unique look

- Bald head, zsec body


Tracking the Mercenary


All Mercenary output is written to the console.


Minor beta problems


Many of the places in the single player doom 3 maps are not designed to

handle AI paths. If the mercenary cannot reach your position or if his distance from you becomes too great, he will quickly spawn to your position and catch-up. The effect is a little weird but it's not permanent. If you lose your mercenary, which sometimes happens, just spawn another for now.











If necessary, I'll post up more later.





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Here's another piece of work I've done. Started and finished today :)


It's a new kind of imp called a Blood Imp. Basically, it attacks like a normal imp but periodically drains your blood with a cool particle effect, does lots of damage and has a lot more health. He's a tough fight.


Just install as you did the other and follow the readme instructions for spawning..






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