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Missing objectives, briefing and shop


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Problem: When my friend tries to test my map, it doesn't show objectives, briefing or shop, at mission start.


It works 100% on my computer, and I've checked the files from the .rar I sent him. They are all put in the correct folders.


He's tried uninstalling and re-installing the mission, but to no luck.


I'm baffled. Does anyone have any idea, as to what's causing this bug?

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did you rename the rar to a pk4 file or is your friend just unpacking the file to their doom 3 directory, cos pk4's need to be save as a zip then the extension changed to pk4, rar's dont work. if you got something like winrar then it can save files as zip fles.

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In addition to that, is he loading your map with the 'map' command (since he has no .pk4 to load the mission the normal way)? If a mission is loaded by the map command, from the darkmod/maps/ directory, it will skip loading the shop, briefing, and player tools (if player tools are assigned by shop).

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System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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The map is being started from the 'New Game' menu.


I think Stumpy might be on to the solution though, as I used winrar.


I'll have him try it out later, thanks :)


Edit: Yep that was the problem indeed, worked out and got some good results.

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