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Question about campaign


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There are only a few members working on this, and they are pretty busy with going standalone, so I guess you'll have to wait a bit.


But don't worry, you are not the only one who awaits this impatiently :smile:

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You can read the latest news on the campaign here: http://forums.thedar...ed/page__st__50

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Maybe considering sync campaign and 2.0 release?

You wouldn't like it if we did that.


Seriously, we are a small team. Used to be larger, but for a long while, we have been tiny. Tiny tiny. This obviously sucks, but that's how it is.

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May I abuse this thread to ask an ignorant question: Is it (easily) possible with The Dark Mod to put missions together like a campaign? I mean, in a way that you don't have to download each new next mission in the series after completing one (which also in a way allows you to play a later mission before finishing a prior one), and, more importantly, that lets you buy equipment for the next mission in the value of the loot you found in the former.


Not that it's of any practical importance for me for the next several quarters, but I'm just curious...

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