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A suggestion: Vampires within the Lore


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I want to start off expressing my gratitude for such a great mod, and approval of everything Dark Mod, and by relevance, Thief.. well. Old Thief, that is. *shudders*


With a victorian, gothic, dark steampunk universe such as this, Vampires would be a welcome, and fitting addition. If I may, I would like to give some advice on how to design vampires to distinguish themselves from the normal archetypes, and through that, distinguish TDM even more.


What I am suggesting is a strain of vampires reminiscent of those found within The Strain trilogy of books, by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan: which can be read about on wikipedia.

Looking under the Biology subsection, you can see how that universes' vampires are different. Gone are the handsome, fanged vampires. These vampires don't have any hair, noses, ears, fangs, or teeth! They have a distended jaw and a long tongue that injects you with blood worms! Utterly disgusting and quite frankly, amazing from a creative standpoint.


If there are ever vampires within a fan made mission or lore, this, in my opinion, would be the best kind of vampires to have. Kind, meaning loosely following the vampire presented in this fiction. The Dark Mod universe would benefit greatly from it!


I don't mean copying this vampire verbatim, of course. The greatest distinguishing feature I would enjoy within the Dark Mod universe would be The Stinger, and lack of teeth. In the end, this is only a suggestion. A very cool kind of vampire that I think would fit right at home within this universe, which from what I have seen, has no native vampires.


Please, leave your thoughts here. I'd much love to see what you guys think about this, and your responses send my e-peen through the roof.

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Well, FM author can easily make new AI character skins. For one mission of mine, I took a townsfolk character, extracted the skin textures and changed the color into pale bluish tone in GIMP. A quick and easy method to make a vampire-ish character.


You can also add attachments to the AI to make it more unique. I dunno how a worm-tongue would look like, though.


There is nothing stopping you, but the amount of your free time. Pick up DR, make a FM that involves the unique vampire character of your creation. Start here:



-The mapper's best friend.

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This is definitely something a dedicated fan could make!

We have a wolfman character (he just needs a little more tweaking to make him 2.0 compliant), so he'd be in good company.


The thing is the team is spread pretty thin for projects like this, but if we had a fan making one for their FM that'd be very cool.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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