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Okay, I did some tests for non-metallic surfaces, used UnrealEngine 4 with some stock PBR textures to have a valid reference:


And in Doom3PBR:


The result is very impressive, shading model looks correct. I suspect the biggest problem is idtech4 lights that may be incompatible here. This light cone/hotspot behaves strangely when you move, and when you get close to surfaces, they become too shiny:


But when that gets fixed, it will look as incredible as in UE4.

In the meantime I'll test some metallic surfaces too.

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Video #1 is up. I'll add the second one to this post in about half an hour.   http://youtu.be/iumyzCicOzM   Note to self: I really must learn to put a proper light or two in even if it's only a test m

Good news, this works out better all round.   The 2.02 release shader (that doesn't have the extra colours) uses far fewer samples than the one I was adapting above, so I've put in the extra sample to

Yes it can be fixed using currentDepth but as expected it creates a slightly calm area round the object:     Although that's probably better than the distortion.

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And now for something a bit different, this page has quite a few resources on D3 rendering, BFG version included, so maybe our @stgatilov and @duzenko can find it useful:


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