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Yes, I providing stand-in anims ATM simply to get the characters in the game so the coding can defintion scripting can begin. We'll need some real ones later, and those on you site are fantastic, just the sort of realism we need. I'm not an animator, my animation consists of using common sense to get from A to B using the most obvious route possible.

I haven't actually got any game ready charcaters yet, just a test model I was using to figure ont the maya-doom workflow, but I'm getting the haunt model ready for the game now.

You could even look at writing a mel script for exporting vertex animation to doom if you like. There is already one written for max, so I'd think porting it woudn't be a huge task.

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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