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Did you compile on Windows or Linux? I'm very pleased if it's Windows because it took a long time to get the build script working and it hasn't been tested on any other machine except mine.

I compiled it on Windows XP Pro, using ActivePython, MinGW, Scons 0.96 and GTK+ 2.8.18. I had to gather two DLLs from the internet to get Darkradiant actually running, as I could not find any package containing them (they were missing in GTK somehow). I could write a wiki entry or a standalone tutorial, if desired.


Do you prefer working on front-end GUI or back-end systems coding? I can certainly give you some ideas of things I want to do but I haven't really looked into many of them yet so there would be a lot of investigation needed on your part.

I dont' know what would be easier to start with, just point me in any direction and I will see what I can do.


C++ is not difficult, but it is very unforgiving at times. You really need to understand the differences between (say) pointers, references and objects, the difference between virtual and non-virtual functions, local objects versus heap-allocated objects and so on. Still, the basic ideas should be familiar so for a reasonably experienced programmer it is just a question of learning the details.

No problem there, I do know these differences :). I fooled around a lot with pointers twelve years ago in Pascal, but the concept in C++ is not very different, same with heap allocation. The concepts are clear to me, what I need is practice. :)

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