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As someone whose scared of these, this is a fairly impressive bit of engineering. But the restrictive space that a BIOS image provides fortunately limits what an attacker can do, especially if the machine still has to appear to work and be fine in order to avoid raising suspicion of the end user, e.g. it would be hard to fit code in the BIOS to attack Windows and Linux, plus whatever file system you happen to be using. Of course they are going to go for the low-hanging fruit that is Ntfs and Windows with an attack like this!


That being said, I miss the days where there was an option in the BIOS to write-protect the flash chips. If the industry cared about security at all, then you wouldn't be able to flash any permanent firmware changes after the operating system is loaded. Ideally all BIOS flashing must be done within the pre-boot firmware environment presented by the motherboard.

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I hope you are kidding there Kano but if not i can only recommend that you stop reading the news and find a hobby that makes you forget that stuff, i'm speaking from experience that decision helped me

Finally a well researched article about the cleaning and decontamination plans in Fukushima, written by engineers. It is very refreshing not to read BS written by some green peace activists for once.

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