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Garrett has been psych-profiled...


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Thanks Loa4ever...Yeah, we've both read that. It's a nice analysis of Garrett's personal profile, which is very different from NuGarrett...This presents additional clarity, when comparing the two separate persons that share the same name.


You may like this, as well...How Old is Garrett?...It's something we worked out a while back.

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I don't know if you had read this, but I found it and decide to share. Is a very interesting subject here, tell your thoughts :).


Interesting and well-written, but as a Psychology MA this is full of probability fallacies (x could mean y, so y definitely indicates z). I can see the logic, but far too much of it is just speculative assertion; using speculation as fact and then building off it with more speculation. They seem to know their tests but they don't have anything nearly concrete enough to put their subjects through them.


Believe it or not I'm actually fun at parties, and this is a good examination considering the fictional context, one obviously not made to be taken seriously. All the same, it's a bad habit to build an argument off shaky foundations.

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Been employed there for a good long time, too. Another nice thing he did was use his faculties to identify most of the paintings, and artists of same, in LGS's Thief games. B-)


And here I am not working anything remotely related to my too-expensive degree. I had no idea they were even real paintings, either. I took Art History for a couple years as well, just as a hobby course. For shame!

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