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TDM named PC Gamer Mod of the Year for 2013!


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Thought you guys would be happy to know The Dark Mod has been given the honor Mod Of The Year for 2013 in the latest PC Gamer :)



(maybe a bit late, didn't find any other references to this on the forums)


While it didn't win at the Moddb awards, the fact that PC Gamer acknowledges the greatness of TDM means a lot I think. Hopefully this can get some more players to try it out, and also make missions and contribute.

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It's in this thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15680-dark-mod-is-pc-gamers-mod-of-the-year/


But TDM can never get enough praise for it, so don't feel bad adding to the applause. We're all ecstatic by the news.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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This is the reply I got from Moddb.com


Firstly, while I cannot speak for EA I believe they are trying to become

more mod friendly.


Secondly, it takes a lot of servers and effort to run ModDB, so we welcome

any sponsor and supporter of the community because without them we wouldn't

exist. I understand Origin is a controversial one, but they are a good

supporter and I hope you can appreciate that. Thanks for the feedback.




Scott Reismanis

Founder, End Boss

DBolical Pty Ltd

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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Well it's easy to understand what Moddb gets out of the deal. Who can blame them taking support when they can get it. It's what the companies are after that might give one pause.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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But The Dark Mod is not a mod anymore... It deserves praise and attention, however.


Technically, it is a mod. It's a heavily modified idtech4 engine that also happens to be stand alone now. I think PC Gamer just snuck us in under the radar since they've been following us for quite some time. Probably just wanted to give us the exposure. Since we've left being a traditional mod behind us, those days are finished.

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We transitioned from mod to standalone in 2013. Should they not reward mod teams who do the work to make that transition happen?

Black Mesa was MOTY in 2012 even though they replaced all HL2 assets with their own. Should they also have been disqualified?

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I agree former mods deserve recognition *as mods* for going standalone, not as a matter of definition but for recognizing that special case.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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mmn... It seems a fairly broad definition of mod. It would mean what Prey is also a mod.


No, because Prey was never a Mod to begin with. They purchased the source code and built their game from the ground up. We, on the other hand, started of with the SDK which was probably only half the source code. We also used many D3 assets. Then the source code was released and we migrated to that, but the Mod still used D3 assets. Finally, all of the D3 assets were replaced and the mod stood on its own. The Dark Mod is a Mod that has simply transitioned to stand alone status.

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