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[question] Shortcut launch options: TDM - full screen and windowed.


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Atm I have a bunch of shortcuts for my various mission in my quicklanch and a main shortcut on my desktop. The mission shortcuts are as follows -


E:\Darkmod\TheDarkMod.exe +set com_allowConsole 1 +set r_fullscreen 0 +set fs_currentfm campaign


I would like to force the short on my desk(which i use to play a mission rather than test it) to full screen and use a specified resolution (1680*1050),I can force to full screen but not at the correct res.


So my question is can I edit the shortcut to suit or perhaps run a custome config file..?

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Evening, Bikerdude.


This seems to do the trick:


D:\Games\darkmod\TheDarkMod.exe +set com_allowConsole 1 +set r_fullscreen 1 +set r_customWidth 1024 +set r_customHeight 768 +set r_aspectRatio 0 +set r_mode -1


In case your default TDM aspect ratio does not match the desired resolution, you need to specify the r_aspectRatio.

Otherwise you can omit it.

The values for r_aspectRatio are:


0 : 4:3

1 : 16:9

2 : 16:10

3 : 5:4

4 : TV 16:9


Unfortunately this will permanently change your resolution, so you will need to specify alternative settings to all other shortcuts as well.

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Just in case that does not work either, here a note:

indeed setting the resolution does not work quite as smooth as a I described.

While TDM accepts the resolution that you specify in the shortcut, it actually still requires a Restart in order to actually apply it.

So, if you do not bother all that much about that detail, it would at least give you the desired resolution without having to manually configure it in the UI.



Hmm...ok. Not sure what

r_mode -1
does, but obviously it enforces a refresh of the display settings without requiring a restart.

I updated my post. With that the desired resolution takes effect immediately.

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