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A ton of Thief articles and videos from January 24th


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Undoubtedly, some of you have already noticed the storm of articles from yesterday. A friend linked me a whole bunch and I figured I'd pass them on to you folks, in a manageable format. Watch out for spoilers though! I had to skip a good video with the devs, to save the story for my own playthrough.



PlayStation Access - Thief on PS4 - New PlayStation 4 gameplay and interview

"Nath talks to Thief's art and game director Nicolas Cantin about fan feedback, bringing back a classic, and making the most of Dualshock 4."


Game On - Thief PREVIEW: new gameplay footage - The Breakdown

"After resurrecting the long-dormant Deus Ex franchise Eidos Montreal set their sights on another of gaming's greatest series, Thief. We made the trip to an icy cold Canada to get some extended hands-on time with the game and meet the people behind the new title, which is out on February 28."


Rev3Games - THIEF Hands-On! Adam Sessler's Gameplay Impressions


"Adam got his hands on the first few hours of Thief, the upcoming game from Eidos Montreal - and he walked away with some interesting thoughts! Watch to see his impressions of this soon-to-come stealth title."


Polygon - Thief’s latest preview highlights vast improvement

"The last time we played Thief was at an event in October in New York. The build was riddled with problems. At the time, developer producer Joe Khoury said that while the game was "feature complete," it still needed a lot of polish. Recently, we had a chance to check out a more polished version of the game during an event in Sydney. The differences were striking."


IGN - Thief: The Hardcore Options of Infiltration

"Thief fell off the radar for a few years, and its return left many skeptical, but it’s a relief to see that it’s real, it works, and it has plenty of intelligent aspects that don’t ruin its stealth tradition."


GameSpot - How Thief Is Returning to Its Stealth Roots - Preview

"The sneaky Daniel Hindes gives us a preview of Eidos Montreal's Thief, and reveals how recent gameplay changes are helping to make it a stealth game for everybody. Featuring interviews with game director Nicolas Cantin"


Gametrailers - Thief Preview

"If stealing is wrong, we don't want to be right. Take what you can get from this hands-on preview."


PlayStation Blog - Hands-on with Thief on PlayStation

"Like its predecessors, Thief offers a wealth of different play opportunities for each and every mission. Take, for example, the aforementioned scene in the jewelers. Some players may practice patience and timing to move through the environment unseen. Others may silently dispatch the guards with Garrett’s handy club before proceeding. Others may extinguish every light and use the shadows to their advantage. Each play style is wholly valid, and rewarded at the end of the mission with bonuses."



Interview with Nic Cantin

Hands-on with First Three Hours

"All in all, I have got to say that Thief impressed me and I actually came away wanting to play more. The tone, the world, and the polished mechanics really appealed to me and conveyed a grand sense of self and place."


VG24/7 - Garrett steps out of the shadows as pacifist or predator

"Having recently spent several hours working through the first four chapters of Thief, I’ve been able to explore the mechanics, features and myriad tweakable game-play options that prove that, for better or worse, Thief is its own game with a different focus to Dishonored."


Strategy Informer - Thief Preview

"Some Thief series fans may still be worried, but this fan is optimistic. The story and the overall experience will be key to whether the game succeeds or fails, but I get the feeling that Eidos Montreal are pulling out all the stops to make Thief a great game."


GameRevolution - Thief Preview

"Ever the consummate professional, Garrett takes his thievery seriously, staying close to the shadows and holding a code of ethics that avoids the taking of life if at all possible. Besides, his roguish skills don't lend themselves to a handicapped match against the stalwart city watch."


CrunchyRoll - One Last Pre-Release Look at "Thief"

"A lot of people have been mentioning Dishonored, and while there are similarities (emphasis on stealth, a plague, corrupt guards, a powerful lord, and a crazy old lady living in the slums), I've gotta say that actually playing the game feels different."


Destroctoid - Preview: The first four hours of Thief

"It's very clear that the developers at Eidos Montreal spent the last year looking at their game and fine tuning it with fan feedback and criticisms in mind. Even after his long absence, Garrett still has got some neat tricks up his sleeve. If you're of an open mind and willing to try out this new take on a classic series, you may find more to like about it than you think."


PCGamesN - Hands on with Thief — a preview of the game's opening four chapters

"At this stage however Thief feels erratic, a stealth game that often forgets its business and lapses into mindless, action-based tomfoolery. But at times, when the atmosphere and sense of place coalesce into a nostalgia stinkbomb, you’ll still get a hefty guff of the series’ DNA."

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Wow, you really have a knack for finding the positive quotes, don't you? If you're not already working for EM, they should hire you. :P


That fact that there's barely a single negative comment in the bunch is a bit odd, since every other thread I've seen, including on Eidos' own forum, is full of negative stuff. But frankly, I'm happy to hear that there are some positive things being said.


I'm still hoping that, even though this doesn't sound like a game for oldschool fans, it will be attractive to casual gamers who might not otherwise have been exposed to stealth games.

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I figured it would be fair to those who prefer the negative quotes, to keep this post out of "Thief 4 is trash" thread.


When quoting, you should always try to get the most precise tone of the overall article, and not just the out of context remarks. I don't believe "Gotcha-journalism".

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I can't believe the developer in the game on video talks about how strong the character of Garrett was and how important it was to bring him back, and how they based everything on the previous titles as benchmark, yet they nix on his fucking voice and don't use Stephen Russell.

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