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Plot and Subplot ideas

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Hi, I'm new and with limited spare time on my hand (which I prefer to play all those fantastic missions out there! Thanks a lot to all of you!!), but I would like to help out with a little bit of my creativity as well. So what could I do? I thought I start this thread as a source for small and big plot-ideas to be picked up by FM creating teams and authors. I'll but them all in as "spoilers" so that people not interested in looking into it don't accidently stumble into it.

If such a thead already exits, excuse me for not fining it an just merge..

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Sneak-blockage and solution idea


A cook is working in a kitchen or at a fireplace and totally blocking the player's path. No way of sneaking past.

The cook is mumbling about 'some brat' stealing all his food though, and in a shadowy corner - just reachable by the player,

there is a table with some bread/cake/etc. laid out.


If the player steals one of the items, the next time the cook comes by, he gets a fit.

He shouts and runs to find the thief, thus clearing the path for the player.


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Special FM plot idea (might require different scripting)



This contract is different. Instead of 'ghosting' to steal some valuables, the aim is to 'ghost' to be noticed - sort of. As a ghost.

A contract requires to sneak into a mansion (with many secret passages) and spook the inhabitants out of their wits. There are various ways to achieve this,

such as:

- removing items without being noticed, but in the immediate area of an inhabitant, i.e. snatch a mirror from the dressing table while a girl turns her head. Don't be noticed AT ALL.

- making noticed noises, but without being seen. This might require 'timed' actions, i.e. make a sound and make another sound within a certain period indicated by the inhabitants behaviour/speech.

- placing spooky items in noticeable places

- repeatedly (re)opening or (re)closing doors/windows the AI has just opened/closed without being seen

- dimming light

In a perfect FM, those actions are heavily scripted such that a proper order or them noticeably rises tension in the inhabitants, and the more agitated they are, the more consequences the actions have,

while waiting too long will calm everything down again. At the crescendo of the FM, the inhabitants are so scared that they flee the mansion. Mission won. (The contractor now can buy the mansion for a penny... etc.)

If anybody has ever played the game "Ghostmaster", you've possibly got the idea. I'm thinking of an improvised ghostmaster in 3D :c)



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#1 could be done with scripts. It's a fun idea.

#2 has actually been done before! In a T2 mission called "The Haunting" by Nameless Voice. But it'd be awesome to see it done in Darkmod since I think our scripting is more powerful so you could do more fun stuff.

You should try learning Dark Radiant on Fidcal's "A to Z" tutorial & try making one of these ideas yourself! Anybody can make an FM and you've got some good ideas.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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