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Fan Mission: Home Again (by grayman) (2014/2/12)


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But. .yes. I'm stuck. Already. I can't figure out where to go. I've reached the clock tower area or the area with the crying baby and the statue and the archery range. . .and can't figure out how to proceed from there. I've backtracked a few times trying to find somewhere I missed, or a window that opens, or a place to put a rope arrow. . .and. . .I haven't found anything. Just more places to slip and splatter! A little nudge, please? :) Thanks.


Even though I tested it I still got stuck there a few times, try using the map and compass, helped me out a bunch, probably the first time I've felt I had to use the compass, and it's been in since forever.

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Announcing the release of the second William Steele mission! Summary Home Again takes place in Bridgeport when Steele returns home from the north. He finds that something terrible has happened, an

By the way, was I the only one who launched a    

Beautiful city view from above...

Posted Images

Thanks, grayman. Probably the one direction I didn't try. Heh Even with a nudge it took me a couple of tries to figure out what I could actually walk on. Not everything *LOOKS* like you can.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. It was fun being able to run around randomly breaking into people's places as I went, and the various 'stories' of people along the way. I was a little disappointed with the end, though. After the strong story-coverage of the first mission, this one felt like a bit of a let down. We learn of several people, but aren't able to do anything about them. IE.

the blackmailer

. . .even something like planting his diary and the letters on Bier's desk or something. And the corrupt

watch captain

who was clearly doing *something*, and favouring the lazy cop instead of the one who was actually trying to do some good. It would have been nice to leave some evidence against him with Bier as well. Unless this is planned for the next mission, perhaps? : )


But yeah, this was fun to play. Lots of places to explore, plenty of loot - lots of screaming and plunging to our deaths. . .even some tight-rope walking and daring jumps!

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This is a masterpiece Grayman. What more can I say? It's this type of level that got me hooked into Thief / TDM and I've never looked back. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this and I eagerly await the next installment.

"I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"


The Joker

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Excellent mission!


Lots of rooftops and hours of explorations. That's the type of mission I like best. :D

For some reason the map did not really help me all that much, since the few names on the map were hard to find in the city.

But anyway, I enjoyed it a lot.

Despite being a notorious blackjacker, I felt tempted to ghost. And the well balanced placement of light and shadow allowed me to stick to it, without getting impatient. :ph34r:



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You know it would have been cool if



There was someway to give that guy (I forget his name) who was spying on his neighbours and blackmailing them, his comeuppance. I'm not sure how but he was one evil git! He really deserves to have something nasty happen to him.


"I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"


The Joker

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Fun, fun, fun!!




I knocked Bier out in the room with him playing cards, then I read the note on his office door telling everyone that he's doing something important and doesn't want to be bothered, if they found him they'd be in trouble and get double work or whatever. I actually laughed because I thought he was being a lazy ass and just dodging work and playing cards. Only after I read his journals I realized he was waiting for the guy to come into that room to put the valuables in the secret spot. :huh::laugh:


The layout of the City Watch headquarters is great. Loved the ventilation clmbing! Got me in some rooms no worries of hallways! Putting the starting area of the HQ right next to the armory was very nice! I will agree with others that it seemed my weapon inventory was very full. Wish you would've kept the Builders with torches in the final build, but I understand the reason. Guards with torches also make me uneasy! :ph34r:


Liked the implication that the City Watch was gonna set up Steele as the scapegoat for the murders. Also the note about fixing the door on the garbage shoot and the Captain not wanting to spend money on it, but it could have stopped you since ironically it was the way in! (although a character like Steele would've just made another way in.) Loved the intro with the guy like "I know this looks bad but..." and then he gets hacked down. I actually thought someone spotted me, but then I realized it was the game killing off an NPC.


One thing that threw me through a loop was I pinched the candles on the ledge of the Hammer Church pathway and a patrolling guard on the street made a comment about someone putting out the light. It seemed way far up for him to notice such small candle put out. I actually executed a jumping blackjack from the burnt down house to the roof of the other guy's house only to find out that it didn't matter if landed the hit because he was an elite guard. It was still fun! Agreed the baby crying + the birds taking off are great sound bites. Also love the lover who took the suicide plunge.


I would've liked it more if the player could only go back to his house, and rest up before mission three, and didn't have the option to go out through the sewers.


I had no problems finding my way around the city from Steele's parents' house to the Watch HQ, it was very smooth for me. But hearing that there are at least two paths from the crying baby makes me want to replay and try to find another passage to take.


As usual all the readables added so much life to the mission. With the content you add in missions Grayman but don't follow up on, I can see other people making missions to finish the stories!! That's a true story telling mechanic, because it leaves more to be desired!!


All in all, beautiful mission. Great visuals. Great game play. Very excited for "Cleighmoor". I hope you reveal the mysterious guy signing notes as "you know who" later into the story!


Thanks Grayman, GREAT work!!





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I'm generally not a huge fan of roof-top missions, but this was great!



It started off kind of linear (which is why roof-tops aren't my favorite), but then I discovered that I had lots of freedom up there; much more than in a lot of these kinds of missions. I was able to loot random folks' apartments and there were multiple ways to progress through the environment. Outside, there were just enough guards to keep things interesting and the performance was completely flawless.

My favorite part though was the station at the end. The design of it was cool, because I was able to go through vent shafts to break into places (Deus Ex style). We haven't seen much of that in TDM.

I'm excited now to see what the third mission will bring.



--- War does not decide who is right, war decides who is left.

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Played through again and voted excellent on the basis that it is much better than just good



on the second run through I never did find the map for the guard station despite finding it on the first play through and forgetting where it was :blush:


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Really enjoying this. I had to take a break after my first go at it. I probably played for a couple hours and had only just reached the first objective...

...and already had over 6200 loot! :o


Looking forward to finishing this.

System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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This mission was awesome I'm getting caught up in the story and can't wait for the next one. question though about one of the texts from the captain talking about his bank, is there a way to get into his bank? or is that in the next one.


Glad you enjoyed it.


Steele will visit Marston's bank in WS5: Deceit.

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Finished this up yesterday, thanks grayman, really enjoyed the "hunt"

The different stories you weaved throughout helped to fill the mission nicely except one - I searched forever for the neighbour Fuchs house to get the stash of vases. I don't say it was bad because it helped me accomplish my personal goal of finding all the loot. This happened when I fell to the street or what I thought was the street and found the hidden archery range. Also, in all my searching I'm guessing I wasn't suppose to be able to get here - post-3777-0-17079900-1392997535_thumb.jpg I did get turned around a few times in the City Watch and ended up finishing before I wanted to through the sewer but went back in as I believed I still had vases to find so ended up using the long way back.

Not sure if anyone else had this problem or not but

Lt. Bier's key wouldn't work on his office - did I miss a readable that explains this? Also when I found him in Records he was walking into the wall and falling part way through the floor over and over - see pic. post-3777-0-76566400-1392998144_thumb.jpg

Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the next installment - 5 days if I read right? :D

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