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Brightness and Gamma reset

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Started playing TDM this week and I've got to say it is damn awesome.

Although there is one problem: For me to see anything at all outside of direct torch light in TDM itself I need to set the Gamma and Brightness values relatively high. When I end the game those values are not reset and my desktop is blindingly bright, so every time after closing the game I need to open my settings and readjust the values.


I am playing TDM on debian testing and a NVidia GeForce GTS 250. I normally run the game from a terminal and the last line is always a memory access error.


If I should be reporting bugs elsewhere I am very sorry and thankful for directions.


[Edit]Urgh, I just now saw the support forum. Obviously I am blind.

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If my English is bad I am very sorry. It's not my mother tongue.

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We were talking about this in a beta test thread as well. I'm also on Nvidia experiencing the same thing. Alt Tab out of the game and gamma/brightness on the desktop are also bright. When I exit the game, my desktop looks fine though and doesn't retain the elevated settings.


I don't know if its 2.01 related or Nvidia driver related though users with ATI said they weren't experiencing the issue.


Another curious thing was that I can set my Gamma/Brightness high in TDM and it lightens everything up however if I take a Screenshot, the screenshot does not reflect the elevated settings which is odd.

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I don't know about 2.0 because 2.01 came out so quickly but in 1.08 when I took screenshots, my gamma/brightness was applied to them. I don't really care that much about gamma/brightness effecting desktop when I alt-tab because when I quit the game it resets back to what it was. Screenshots is the pain... for beta testing I have to lighten every shot individually... urgh.

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