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Is there a way to disable the TAKEDOWN MUSIC? Yeah, the music played during a takedown.


I *really really really* hate these "movie-like" dumb choices.

Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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Consider the evidence:


1. The Shroud is almost universally disliked at E3. Eidos refuses to remove it, but reduces it so much that "you barely notice it".

2. Eidos gives options to remove virtually every HUD element. But no option is given to remove the shroud despite repeated requests from the community.

3. No one at EM will (or can) give a clear answer about exactly the shroud actually DOES.

4. No one can seem to give a reason why the shroud is necessary if you have the lightgem on.

5. Thief lists something called "Shroud -- Cloth Physics" during their intro screen.

6. The manual describes all HUD elements, but does not mention the shroud at all.

7. When players find a way to remove the shroud, the method is pulled by EM mods, while other modifications are not touched.



LOL, kind of secret killswitch :P

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Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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I'm no expert, but from 15 years experience in the community I can tell you that if EM or Square were to kick up a fuss over simple ini file tweaking, there would be fires and pitchforks aplenty! :)

Maybe it's for the leaderboard scores.....this can make (a bit of) sense.

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Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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Is there a way to disable the TAKEDOWN MUSIC? Yeah, the music played during a takedown.


I *really really really* hate these "movie-like" dumb choices.


Hehe... do what I do, don't take anyone down :P

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New patch is out from nixes: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=142225


Doesn't address audio issues though.

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The 32-bit version has several features disabled causing it to use less memory, providing a smoother experience for users with lower spec machines

  • Can I ask what features the 64bit version has that the 32bit doesn't?
  • Also is there a timetable for a fix for the terrible audio issues yet?


Thought I would ask...

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I now have binaries and binaries2

Running validation to see if it fixes it


It didn't so deleted binaries and renamed binaries2 to binaries

Running validation again


Validation run and it appears that there are now two folders binaries and binaries2

I changed both so that the 64 bit is now 32 bit as otherwise the game is unplayable

It may be that only changing one of them may have been enough but I didn't try tht

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They added a new option in the launch window to select the 32bit exe to run on a x64 system. So people don't have to go in to the directory and rename stuff.


I guess there are some things disabled in the 32bit though no one has said what those things are that I've seen.

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Mavros on the TTLG forums posted a new fix for eliminating both the shroud and the white flash.




Shroud was driving me nuts, figured out how to hex-edit it and make it transparent.


Goto Steam\steamapps\common\Thief\ThiefGame\CookedPCNG\


Make a backup of thiefgame.u


Open thiefgame.u in a hex editor.


To disable shroud:

Search for: 02 CD CC 4C 3F 35 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E

Replace with: 02 00 00 00 00 35 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E



To disable white flash:

Search for: 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 CD CC CC 3E 38 A9 4C C0

Replace with: 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 00 00 00 00 38 A9 4C C0


Save and fire up the game.


Shroud is gone, haven't played too long with it, but it just sets the alpha values for the shroud to 0 so it should be fine.

It seems some kind of eye adaptation thing goes with it....trying to figure out how to disable that too.

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At least there is a solution for the shroud. ^_^

Sadly, I'm playing on PS3. :(

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I'd be interested to know which modifiers you're referring to.

Expensive ressources mainly, which makes a rope arrow cost 450 Gold even with the ressource cost reduction trinket. I like it when ressources are really rare, but this is just too heavy, because every side-heist actually costs me money due to those expensive rope arrows. I also have "no combat/aerial takedowns", which is not ideal, because the combat is simply designed for doing the takedown eventually. But I can live with that.

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And unfortunately this useful thread now becomes collateral damage.




If there are futher useful tweaks people are aware of, PM them to me and I'll add them to this thread.

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WHEN MAKE CHANGES MY PC DO 33 FPS in THIEF 4 Benchmark test.

I have been testing a lot of config before this and this was the most stable non visual change setting.


Find file "BaseEngine.ini" file and edit the following lines. (Mine was found in e:\StreamApps\common\Thief\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini)

LINE TO BE CHANGED > TO ; SPEED UP GAMEPLAY TIP WITH NO VISUAL CHANGE. > Set BaseEngine.ini to "Read-Only" after changed it.

MotionBlur=True > MotionBlur=False ; Verified OK Disable motion blur

MotionBlurPause=True > MotionBlurPause=False ; Verified OK

AllowRadialBlur=True > AllowRadialBlur=False ; Verified OK Adds shadows on existing objects

Bloom=True > Bloom=False ; Verified OK

UseHighQualityBloom=True > UseHighQualityBloom=False ; Verified OK



There is one thing more.

When you start THIEF 4 a Menu shows up, select OPTIONS right away and mark/use/tick "32-bit" mode.

Then you are ready to start the game itself.


I was not able to add this to http://forums.thedar...4-tweaks-fixes/ it was locked.

I maked the account yesterday.


I just have to give you this advice because it seems like the game really start to get speedy.


My PC/MACHINE is an not the fastest, I buyed it 2008

2x2.2GHZ Intel Processor

4GB ram(800Mhz)

ASUS Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti (the graphics without the 6 pin powersupply) very new graphics and QUIET card, Settings SPEND POWER, Just fast.

Windows8.1 64-bit SSD


When first running the THIEF 4 at the start I got 15 FPS maximum in Benchmark in thief4. (What the hell Tom raider & GRID2 = 60FPS)

Changed everything in Nividia controlpanel global settings to

"Primary screen"


Performance mode.

No "Make it more quality" settings.

Then i got 25FPS maximum.


And after "BaseEngine.ini" was changed saved and "write-protected". And before game start in options "32bit-mode" selected.

I finally got 33fps with is pretty much better.


I use resolution 1280x720 Tripple buffer "Exclusive fullscreen" "Fullscreen" Preset "Very low"


I hope i help someone make thief4 playable.



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  • 2 weeks later...

If you are experiencing flickering shadows, glitchy graphics & disappearing menu items, make sure you are running the game on updated or the latest drivers for your gfx card.

I'm probably stating the obvious, but just wanted to make a shout for updating your gfx card drivers whatever.


UPDATE 4th April: I've started having major laptop issues since updating the nVidia drivers, including freezing and BSODs which I never had before. There's some evidence it's related to the gfxdrivers, but the problems have remained even though I've installed an earlier OS backup, so there may be other reasons as well. (However, googling 'nvidia driver update causes blue screen' brings up lots of pages....) Up to my eyes with other stuff so don't have time to explore further - will report back when I can.



My specs:


i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz


Nvidia Geforce GT555M 2GB (laptop gfx card - fairly low end)


Before I updated my drivers, the game took over 2½ minutes to get to the start menu, and another 30-40 seconds to load a mission. On the lowest settings and with various tweaks I was getting mid-teens fps at 1366x768 resolution (playable, for me), with the cut scenes dropping to single-figure fps (but hey, no problem cuz there's hardly any cut scenes!!![/sarcasm])


Updated my drivers and now - 25 seconds to load the game (25 seconds!), 15 seconds to load a mission, and I'm usually getting 25-30fps at 1920x1080 resolution. Still on the lowest gfx settings at the mo but it still looks pretty fab. May play around with them later.


Now, has anyone worked out how to get rid of the fog? :smile:

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