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The Failure of Thief 2014 has lead me here


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I downloaded the darkmod year's ago, played around with the levels when it was running with Doom3 but not much time. About 4 months I downloaded the 2.0 version but it kept on crashing near the Guard with on St Lucia Map, so I gave up and figured out just totally unstable.

I've came to it again, because of Thief 4, updated it and it seems like DarkMod is now stable.


-I finished the St Lucia Map yestreday.

-The feel of this game is Thief 2 (love the feel brough me back to the good old days)


The map was causing a little frustration but, because I wasn't sure where I needed to go. When your playing the game, you always tend to get straight to front where the guard is, and you ask how to get past this guy? There must be another way, but you can't find one.


-didn't know you could move pallets and jump on pipes.

-found locking picking the doors takes for ever.

-how do you put the guy on you shoulder? instead of draging him?

-I also found it hard to read the note in the pub.

-where is the key to get in sewers?


-Also is there away to make the grame run 60fps stable? It always goes from 60 to 30fps and locks at 30fps?


I will try out the other maps soon but good job getting the feel of Thief. Something that Thief 2014 utterly failed.

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-how do you put the guy on you shoulder? instead of draging him?


Hit "Use" while you're grabbing him.


-where is the key to get in sewers?


simple hint


There's a note under a rock near the wooden stairs



full answer


it's in a pot on a windowledge opposite where you start


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Welcome, glad you found us!


Are you closing doors behind you as you go? In my case, if it dips below 60 fps, it rises back up when I turn away or leave the heavier performance area, but leaving doors open means more to render.


If you poked around the Handling Objects section of the Training Mission, you'd see that anything can potentially be movable. Most things highlight, but you can push some things around even if they don't highlight, which can be hard to ascertain, since there's a delay while you are trying to shove them.


Windows that are open-able are tricky to convey to the player in missions as well. Some use open shutters to draw players' attention, others don't, some say "try".


Which brings us to one of the delightful things about this game, try. I completed Saint Lucia never knowing there were sewers. Most missions are designed with multiple ways of accomplishing things, and sometimes you can do things the designer never anticipated. Which means often your explorations will be rewarded.

"The measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out."

- Baron Thomas Babington Macauley

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