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Thief 4 - How to make 33 FPS on a slow PC


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WHEN MAKE CHANGES MY PC DO 33 FPS in THIEF 4 Benchmark test.

I have been testing a lot of config before this and this was the most stable non visual change setting.


Find file "BaseEngine.ini" file and edit the following lines. (Mine was found in e:\StreamApps\common\Thief\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini)

LINE TO BE CHANGED > TO ; SPEED UP GAMEPLAY TIP WITH NO VISUAL CHANGE. > Set BaseEngine.ini to "Read-Only" after changed it.

MotionBlur=True > MotionBlur=False ; Verified OK Disable motion blur

MotionBlurPause=True > MotionBlurPause=False ; Verified OK

AllowRadialBlur=True > AllowRadialBlur=False ; Verified OK Adds shadows on existing objects

Bloom=True > Bloom=False ; Verified OK

UseHighQualityBloom=True > UseHighQualityBloom=False ; Verified OK



There is one thing more.

When you start THIEF 4 a Menu shows up, select OPTIONS right away and mark/use/tick "32-bit" mode.

Then you are ready to start the game itself.


I was not able to add this to http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16001-thief-4-tweaks-fixes/ it was locked.

I maked the account yesterday.


I just have to give you this advice because it seems like the game really start to get speedy.


My PC/MACHINE is an not the fastest, I buyed it 2008

2x2.2GHZ Intel Processor

4GB ram(800Mhz)

ASUS Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti (the graphics without the 6 pin powersupply) very new graphics and QUIET card, Settings SPEND POWER, Just fast.

Windows8.1 64-bit SSD


When first running the THIEF 4 at the start I got 15 FPS maximum in Benchmark in thief4. (What the hell Tom raider & GRID2 = 60FPS)

Changed everything in Nividia controlpanel global settings to

"Primary screen"


Performance mode.

No "Make it more quality" settings.

Then i got 25FPS maximum.


And after "BaseEngine.ini" was changed saved and "write-protected". And before game start in options "32bit-mode" selected.

I finally got 33fps with is pretty much better.


I use resolution 1280x720 Tripple buffer "Exclusive fullscreen" "Fullscreen" Preset "Very low"


I hope i help someone make thief4 playable.



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You should have posted this in this thread-->http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16001-thief-4-tweaks-fixes/


In any case, this:



Performance mode."


Has been fixed by Nvidia in the latest driver.


And this:


"I use resolution 1280x720 Tripple buffer "Exclusive fullscreen" "Fullscreen" Preset "Very low""


I get smoother framerate in-game if I turn double/triple buffering OFF and turn Exclusive Fullscreen OFF as well. YMMV.

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I tried to add it in http://forums.thedar...4-tweaks-fixes/ first but "Topic locked" prevented me, sorry, (Admin may change that)

Maybe i should add screenshots of settings, i dont know?

I was write this because I almost thinking of buy a new computer.

What your computer configuration ?

I got the best gameplay flow in framerate with tripple buffering. Using benchmark in thief 4 all the time.

When i did NOT use "Exclusive fullscreen" the game was not playable 10fps is not i just like you know.

When did they update to the driver i got the version right now.

Maybe it is not working for all computers, but it sure worked on mine.

Thanks for reading it :) /Jetpack5

Edited by Jetpack5
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